News Bits: 10/17/10 Edition

If you have access to KBS World – tune in every Sunday at around 6:50pm ET and watch “2 Days 1 Night.” Maybe you’re all watching it already but still – I LOVE THIS SHOW. Hilarious – even if I’m watching repeats it’s hilarious. It never fails to crack me up.

OK on to the news bits: Check out allkpop’s post on Runaway: Plan B! It just makes me sooo happy. I’m not saying Runaway is an awesome drama – it cracks me up more than gets me engrossed – but still… it’s on DramaFever – my! fave! site!

Allkpop’s first “Ask Allkpop” post also got me very interested. Turns out they get a lot of flak for being biased or “scandalous” with their rumors and gossip. Uhm – in case you haven’t noticed, Allkpop is a site that thrives on the latest GOSSIP and NEWS. First off – if it’s gossip, it’s not necessarily true. How serious do you take the news about Jennifer Aniston’s new boyfriend or Brangelina’s split that cover the magazines every week when there’s nothing else to report? Now I’m not saying Allkpop is a tabloid, but since they translate news bits from other sources, those other sources might be sensational because that’s what sells! Sensational news bits sell around the world! And as for biased reporting – what news source is not biased? Tell me. Because no matter what – whether you have honest reporting or journalists who want the “truth” – no matter how factual the report may be, there’s still some bias in it. Why does the journalist want to find that side of the truth? Is there another side to the story? Is the iPhone 4 really better than a Galaxy S phone?! Every article is biased in some way – the result is how YOU the reader takes it – you don’t have to agree with it!

An allkpop article may be “true” in its translation and may be “biased” towards one side, but don’t be hatin’! I take the site for what it is – a place where I can get the latest news and gossip in Korean entertainment.

I digress – but as a blogger who likes to put in my own point of view in each news bit, I was not happy to see that allkpop got so many criticisms about being biased.

Think Taeyang’s song “Wedding Dress” is amazing? Think again – check here for an English version that I must say, blows the original out of the water!

For all you Sungkyunkwan Scandal fans – Song Joong Ki recently said in an interview that to better portray a playboy for his character Gu Yong Ha, he emulated Micky Yoochun! HEEEEEEEEEE! I don’t know if Yoochun is really that much of a player (I don’t follow DBSK) however it’s so cute and hilarious that Song decided to copy him! Of course, Song apologized in the interview, “I am so sorry! I couldn’t help it in order to save myself!” I guess Song doesn’t want to admit that his portrayal as a playboy actually comes from a deep dark place within himself that he can’t outwardly show to the world, else he end up in a scandal with another actress!

Cyndi Wang and Mike He (!!) are starring in a new Taiwanese drama, Mei Le, Jia You! (or Mei Le, Go!). It’s a GTV drama focused on a baker (Wang) whose awesome toasts inspire a famous music producer (He). Interesting – because GTV’s rival SETTV is planning on a bakery drama early next year, and because Baker King Kim Tak Goo just ended its run with super high ratings in Korea. What’s with the baking shows!?!?! Stop making me hungry! (I still need to make macaroons 😦 )

Uhm Ji Won of The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry will join Kim Ah Joong and Park Shin Yang in the medical drama Heaven. She will play a district attorney who has a romantic past with Park’s coroner character, and of course is part of the romantic triangle between Park and Kim. I didn’t like Eom’s character in WWSWTM – but I guess that made her brilliant, because she made her character both annoying and lovable.

And one more shout out to javabeans and girlfriday for talking about the comic con on their most recent podcast! Those gals are truly rock stars!

sources: allkpop, popseoul, dramabeans, endodo4ever’s blog 😀


2 thoughts on “News Bits: 10/17/10 Edition

  1. Damn! You liked it that much to post it on your blog? It’s okay, I love it too. It’s freaking addicting and I’ve been listening to it non-stop for a couple of days. Hahaha. Btw, it’s available on iTunes. Just sayin’. 😛 Kevin Lien has a lot more fantastic covers. This guy’s going somewhere.

    • HELLS YEAH! freakin’ love the song! couldn’t stop thinking about it. he should go to Kollaboration. can’t believe he’s on iTunes – that’s pretty awesome.

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