News Bits: 10/14/10 Edition

To start with – I saw the first few minutes of Runaway. And I couldn’t stop laughing. The first ten minutes are so hilariously cheesy and such a James Bond rip-off that I can’t hate it. But anyways – first two episodes are up on DramaFever!

On another drama note, apparently the EPIC KISS in episode 13 of Playful Kiss was not so epic after all. I’m not following this drama really – though I watched the first three episodes – and really, I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler to say that there was a kiss. The whole point of the drama is to HAVE a kiss. Anyways. The reason why it wasn’t so epic was because it didn’t bring in any more ratings. I’m suspecting that this drama has more overseas fans than it does in Korea, and hence it’s low ratings (6% compared to Daemul‘s 26% and Runaway Plan B‘s 15%). I think Korea is more interested in how a drama will portray current politics than say, a teen romance or an action drama a la IRIS.

It kind of reminds me when this happened, except in that instance it wasn’t about saving the ratings – it was about saving the drama (which failed).

Speaking of which, Daemul is changing its writers. Two weeks into its premiere, New Heart writer Hwang Eun Kyung has been dropped in favor of Ladies of the Palace writer Yoo Dong Yoon. The change in writers was due to the fact that Hwang couldn’t figure out the direction she wanted the series to go – and got into disagreements with the director. There were high ratings for the first four episodes, which Hwang wrote. Next week will be the start of Yoo’s scripts, so we’ll see if the story is still as strong.

Park Han Byul, famously known as Se7en‘s girlfriend but also an actress in Oh My Lady, will now add a new title to her name – singer. She will debut at the end of this month. If she actually succeeds, then she and Se7en would be quite the power couple – except that I don’t think they wield much power. But they would be a cute actor-and-singer pair.

OMO! T.O.P was nominated for the New Actor Award in the Daejong Awards Film Festival for his role in “Into the Fire.” He will be the first Korean idol star to ever break seriously into the film festival circuit. He’s also going up against Song Sae Byuk (“The Servant”) and Daniel Choi (“Cyrano Agency”). I seriously hope T.O.P. wins!

Now on to the photo up at top – that’s Chen Qiao En, of Fated to Love You, fame. She is going to star in a new 3D film called “Monkey King” or “Havoc in Heaven” as Princess Iron Fan. Chow Yun Fat, Donnie Yen, and Aaron Kwok are all co-starring. Chow plays the Jade Emperor, Yen is the Monkey King, and Kwok is the Buffalo Demon King who is also husband to Princess Iron Fan. The Demon King would do anything to assure his wife’s return to heaven, even if it means joining the Monkey King against the Jade Emperor. In case you don’t know the story about the Monkey King – in short, he’s a monkey who learned all the mystical secrets that enabled him to become like the gods. He creates havoc in the heavens (ha! hence the title) in his attempt to be recognized as a god. Of course, his arrogance leads to some major ass-kicking, and the Monkey King is sent back to earth, trapped under a mountain until he is saved by a monk on his journey to the west to get the teachings of Buddha. Hence, the epic book “Journey to the West.” Back to Chen Qiao En – doesn’t she look cool!?

Yoon Eun Hye is making news – and this time it’s not because she’s modeling!! She’s going to debut in Japan as a singer, and is currently undergoing preparations for an album. She will be the first female Hallyu star to be an active singer in Japan (not just going to Japan for fan meetings and singing there). She’s also going to star in a film tentatively titled “The Graduation League,” which starts production in November and is slated to be released March 2011. Her other project Tian Mi Mi is still on hold – no confirmation on the male lead yet.

source: allkpop, dramabeans, popseoul, asiae, asianfanatics


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