News Bits: 10/11/10 Edition

Aw – yesterday I should have done a news bit post, because then I could have said 10/10/10!!! Anyways – for the Taiwanese out there, Happy 10/10!

So I will start with some Chinese pop news – Charlene Choi – aka Ah Sa – just admitted that she is in a new relationship – with Hong Kong singer William Chan (whom, if I may say, is waaaaaaaaay cuter than her ex-husband Ronald Cheng. Just sayin’). The two have known each other for seven years, having first met on the set of a Twins music video. Though she’s admitted to the relationship – and allowed photos to be taken of them together, Charlene still seems to be a bit shy about being too open about her new relationship. Both of them have had a past (he’s dated a model called Angelababy – really? That’s her name?) but now they claim to be in a stable relationship.

I guess Charlene is trying something new – she tried having a relationship, and marriage, that was completely under wraps. This time, she’s being more open and relaxed about it. Let’s see if this method will work for her.

So Ga In released her music video several days ago (sorry – too busy with Comic Con to upload it here, or else I swear to you – I was really looking forward to this!) And her music video ended up being… like a mini movie! “Irreversible” was shot in Australia, which is featured nicely in the opening sequence. I have to say, I think I was more weirded out by her eyeliner/eyeshadow than I was by the story, because it’s SILVER! I like that when she’s grabbing on to her boyfriend/lover to prevent him from leaving, it mimics the movements of a tango, which is what she’s dancing in the desert.

Here’s the ten minute music video, and then below it is the dance version that was just released. Is it me or does the song seem like a faster version of Lee Hyori‘s “Swing”? I mean, it’s not the same, but it reminds me of it… or maybe it’s just all the sand…

Stills have come out of Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Suk in their respective roles as Mary and Mu Gyul. Honestly – the two of them look alike. They do say that perfect couples tend to look alike…as they age together. This one is like, they’d be perfect doppelgangers from the back.

*Sigh – Jang Geun Suk dear, I don’t want to sound like my mother who always gets on my case about fixing my hair, but – FIX YOUR HAIR!!!!

I can’t believe the police had to get involved with the issue on whether Tablo lied about his academic record. They had to investigate a post by a netizen named “whatbecomes,” which claimed that Tablo did not graduate from Stanford. Of course that claim proved to be untrue, and there is now a warrant for his arrest for defamation. I can see that this defamation crime is pretty serious, but maaaaan – posting for the sake of stirring up some controversy? Not worth it.

Jay Chou just might be singing the theme song for his Hollywood debut film “The Green Hornet.” He flew to the States to fight for the right to sing the global version of the theme song, or if not, at least the Asian version. I hope so – I’d love to hear that song.

Park Shi Yeon appeared in a photo shoot for InStyle Korea and emulated Audrey Hepburn’s style. She looks so unrecognizable in this pic:

source: asianfanatics, youtube, allkpop, dramabeans


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