Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea – Recap

This thirty-minute drama or so is easy to watch, since all you have to do is go to its official site and watch it in Chinese, Korean, or English.

There’s not much substance in this light drama, except for its big name stars and pretty cinematography. (It’s sooooo pretty – almost Dr. Champ pretty.) I think I was kind of expecting more, especially since the drama was slammed for having such high production costs when other full-length dramas have to work on a smaller budget.

UPDATE: I found the MV! Yay! *puts it on repeat*

The drama starts off with U-Know Yunho running across a bridge and a fighter jet aiming a missile at him. He runs and flies spectacularly through the air as the bridge blows up behind him. A text message informs him to jump off the bridge, and once he does, the drama immediately switches to a cartoon drawing of him falling and a couple ring slipping off his finger as he hits the water.

Turns out – it’s a screenplay.

Then we go to Lee Da Hae, who’s a screenwriter typing up her new script while on a train to Busan. Her new script involves a lovey dovey couple, made up of Han Chae Young and Park Shi Hoo. Both are introduced cheesily, as the perfect female (who’s smart and sexy) and male (who can cook!). Thank God they’re just characters in Da Hae’s script, or else the drama would have been ruined by the cheesiness of Chae Young and Shi Hoo.

Kim Bum is introduced as a photographer. (And may I note that Samsung must be a HUUUUGE sponsor since they do close ups of the cameras and laptops that are all from Samsung?) He takes photos of Da Hae, which pisses her off because he’s taking pictures without her consent.

However, he’s actually taking pictures of the railway and the scenery, and this assumptive mistake makes her embarrassed. She apologizes for throwing a fit and tries to hide behind her hair, but resorts to moving her seat. This is where Lee Da Hae REALLY annoyed me – because her acting is so over-the-top cute that she is not cute. She is not 20 years old (even if she may look it), and she can’t pull off her character from My Girl anymore. Kim Bum is impressive as a cool and collected stranger, but it’s easy for him to look older next to the exaggerated Lee Da Hae.

Anyways – then we are introduced to Big Bang, who arrive at a small town school only to find it empty. It turns out the small class – headed by Stars Falling From the Sky’s Chun Bo Geun (or Pa Rang) – asked Big Bang to come for their last day since the school was closing. The kids would no longer get an education. T.O.P. says they should have planned it better, since they’re one day late, and he comes off as the serious-minded one compared to the other members. They decide to go on a search for all the students and climb on to ATV’s and ride around the small town.

Meanwhile, Kim Bum sits next to Lee Da Hae on the train, and he overhears her conversation with her boyfriend…who is Yunho. (Girl likes ’em young, eh?) They’re keeping their relationship a secret, which poses a little difficulty for Da Hae since she tries to not get jealous when hot girls come his way, or when she has to do menial things for him like his laundry. Nevertheless, Yunho never comes off as snooty, and they promise to always wear their couple rings.

But woops – Yunho’s accidentally slipped off when he jumped over the bridge.

Just as Da Hae finishes her conversation with Yunho, the train makes a small stop and Kim Bum steals her laptop and drags her along. Using her laptop as a bribe, he tells her to wander around a strange place with a stranger; she might be able to get better inspiration for her new script. (And she really does – since all she writes is about how cute Chae Young and Shi Hoo feed each other, and yet both are secretly assassins hiding their identity from each other). In return for her laptop, she must promise to model for his photos.

They walk around the countryside, which provides more opportunities for pretty shots. (The website also prompts you to click on “Easter egg” images so that you can later create your own movie/tour of Korea, and plenty of those tidbits provide information about different aspects of culture in Korea, from rice wine to kimchi, from old architecture to the Hallyu wave.) Da Hae warms up to Kim Bum slowly, and tells him all about her script.

Cue Shi Hoo and Chae Young dressing for their next hit. While Shi Hoo whips a suit jacket around himself in a swoon-worthy manner, Chae Young uses the opportunity to give us viewers a fashion show. They grab their guns and Chae Young bursts into the room where her target is eating an orange. Everything starts moving in slow motion as Chae Young kills the guards and tries to kill the target. It’s laughable how a table full of oranges just drops all over the falling target.

Shi Hoo finds out who she is, and the two of them are shocked to find that they had the same target. Their momentary confusion allows for the target to escape, and Shi Hoo grabs a rapier and starts slicing away. Losing her guns, Chae Young starts throwing apples, oranges, and cabbage at him. It’s become a literal food fight. The target and his goons throw cherry tomatoes right back at her and Shi Hoo. Shi Hoo slices his way through the food, but the two of them are brought down by…cherry tomatoes (?!?!?!! Seriously? I get that Da Hae is supposedly a bad writer, and this may be poking fun at the cheesy writing of K-dramas, but I have never seen a scene SO CHEESILY done, SO LAUGHABLE, and yet SO PRETTY.) Ridiculous.

Anyways – the target lost, Chae Young dumps Shi Hoo, but the two of them laugh over how both of them kept secrets from each other. Wow – if there were ever a spy couple that got over their lies and betrayal in a *snap like that…I don’t know what I’d do. Even “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” went through several stages of wanting to kill each other before having a romantic rendezvous and crazy make-up sex. Ah yes – but Korean TV is a little more prudent, so we settle with Shi Hoo driving Chae Young around the city at night, presumably going back home.

Yunho is frantic as he anticipates Da Hae’s arrival, so he runs off to a department store to find a replica of his couple ring. He finds it, and also finds a heart necklace for Da Hae.

Big Bang manages to gather up all the school kids and have a mini music party in the school playground. It’s all fun and games as the kids party with their idols. The scene is even hilariously interwoven with the assassins’ target drumming with his goons to the beat of the music. (And the soundtrack is really. nice. – I think Big Bang sang a song, and maybe Yunho also sang a song – I need to find the soundtrack!)

The adventure is also over for Da Hae and Kim Bum, and he sends her off on the next train. He hands her a small leather packet just as the train leaves, and when she opens it later, they turn out to be photos of her. She smiles to herself, having enjoyed this random romantic venture, and the train speeds towards Busan.

Yunho awaits in front of escalators, one of which is a working down escalator, and the other a frozen up escalator. He holds a bouquet of flowers and the necklace in a gift box, and waits.

And we all wait, looking at the escalators.

And I think it means – Korea (and Yunho) is waiting for us to arrive.

Super Junior: “Angel” MV. Is it bad to say that if Haru 2010 was just this MV, it would be perfect?


2 thoughts on “Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea – Recap

  1. LOL…. Park si hoo – Han Chae Young story made me LOL the whole time. bcause it’s so cheesy, cliches, and have weird storyline.. Lee dae hee is a bad writers indeed, vey very bad, lol…. I questioning her job as screenwriter hahaha.

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