Ryu Shi Won Will Be a Father and a Husband

Style’s Ryu Shi Won is getting married. The wedding will be held on October 26. Apparently his wife-to-be is also pregnant.

He says that he’s been openly dating her, but they just haven’t been reported by the press. But he’s secretive too I guess – since he only told his friends about the relationship last month and the pregnancy to his parents in August.

However – I’m more intrigued at how so many stars are having babies, and then announce they’re getting married – especially for male celebrities. With Jang Dong Gun, Lee Seon Kyun, Kwon Sang Woo, and others, most of them married their wives after announcing that they’re also pregnant. Some female celebrities go down that route as well, like Jung Soo Young of Coffee House and Shoo from S.E.S.

The cynical side of me says that these men are not likely to marry and so the women would get pregnant to ensure they keep the man. The less-cynical side of me says that the men are not thinking of marriage but practice un-safe sex, and then find themselves saddled with a baby, and they happily marry the girl. The understanding side of me says that it is possible they want to marry the girl but others around them don’t want them to, and so they get the girl pregnant so that others will have no choice but to accept it.

That’s me trying to “justify” this trend for the male celebrities.

As for the female celebrities, I just think it’s rarer to see it happen only because if they are pregnant it really affects their careers and their image. The guys aren’t carrying the baby; the guys’ bodies aren’t changing. It doesn’t explain for the few female celebrities that do get pregnant, but the cynical side of me also says that they’re not so famous that it will be a bad thing for them to step away from the limelight after their wedding. I know Go So Young must have been a big star but she’s not the same as Jang Dong Gun and doesn’t have the filmography that he has.

Anyways – I don’t particularly like the trend, because I wonder what it says to a lot of people. If stars are getting pregnant first and then marrying, more people will think it’s acceptable. I’m a tad traditional when it comes to the order of things (marriage first, baby later) and I do realize that life doesn’t always follow that order. Sometimes it works better for the couple to do it the opposite way. But I don’t think it’s particularly good when teenagers idolize these stars and choose to get pregnant first, and sometime their lives don’t end with happily ever after. Hollywood celebrities do the same in sometimes getting pregnant and then marrying, but not all marriages are happy. And then there are reality shows such as “16 and Pregnant” or “Teen Mom” where these girls end up pregnant first and then don’t end up happily with the father of their child.

Maybe Korean men have a greater sense of responsibility and honor, and will take care of their women. However, if you love the gal, why don’t you marry her first instead of “making an honest woman out of her” later? And screw outside pressures – it’s more courageous if you marry the girl when everything’s going against you and succeeding later, than resorting to something like getting the girl pregnant just to get everyone to agree.

source: asiae


One thought on “Ryu Shi Won Will Be a Father and a Husband

  1. i see where you’re getting at in this, and i must say i do agree – especially to that last remark in the last paragraph.

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