News Bits: 10/5/10 Edition

Now with Jang Hyuk out of Secret Garden, his schedule is all free for a new drama called Poseidon. It’s supposed to be an action drama about the Coast Guards, and written by the writers of IRIS. It’s not confirmed yet, although he seems keen on taking the role. I don’t know how exciting it’s going to be to follow the life of a Coast Guard but I’m sure something good will bound to happen. All Jang has to do is do his smoldering stare and potential terrorists will be falling to their knees.

On other casting news – Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki will star in a new film together called “Chilling Romance.” Son plays a woman who can see ghosts and cuts herself from the world, while Lee plays a man who wants to protect her. Love ensues. Blah. When is Lee going back to TV?!!?!?

Jung Yong Hwa of C.N. Blue recently stated that his mom was against his career as a singer. She would say, “Go ahead – let’s see how well you can do” when he was training and auditioning. Sounds like a challenge! Of course, Jung showed her exactly what he could do, and when he debuted onstage his mother cried – tears of joy I assume.

This news bit had me go, “OH REALLY NOW? Interesting…not.” (That was the range of expressions I had as I read the article.) The cosmetic brand Clinique has chosen Korean American Arden Cho to be their model. (Is her name real or a stage name taking after Elizabeth Arden?) At first I was like, “Oooooh – am I gonna see her face in make-up stores soon?” Then I read on and realized that she’s going to be representing the brand in Asia. Ok. Not as fun. She’s already done campaigns for Reebok Korea and Nike Japan, and Apple’s iPhone 4 in Korea. It would have been more interesting if she became the face of Clinique in the States, although fine – I guess the majority of the customers that the brand targets are white Americans. Fine. Be like that. Because it’s not like my entire Asian family uses it. Hmph.

Singer Lee Soo Young got married today, and she was reportedly worried about none of her friends being there to catch the bouquet. The Korean tradition of tossing the bouquet has the bride planning beforehand whom she’s throwing it to. However, all her friends don’t want to catch it (Lee Hyori included – who’s also jealous that Lee Soo Young beat her to the altar). Apparently, when she attended two previous weddings, Lee Soo Young would catch the bouquet but she never got married next. It took her three years before she finally found someone – and because of this, her friends might think it’s a jinx to catch hers. Poor gal. But plenty of congrats!

SNSD came out with the Japanese version of their single “Gee” and a new music video. It’s the same as the Korean music video (they’re all mannequins at a store) but the costume is just a tad different – and it makes a difference really. In the Korean version, the girls are dancing in short shorts, and I guess because their image back then was the “cute, pure girl” one, they look like they’re all ready for a big sleepover party. Now, older and a little more sleek, the girls dance in basic white tees and jeans for the Japanese version, and their style is a little sexier.

Hm. Judge for yourself which video you may like. I like the Japanese video (just as how I liked the Japanese music video version of “Genie”) but I still HATE the song.

Japanese version:

Korean version:

source: dramabeans, soompi news, allkpop, asiae


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