Park Shi Hoo on Dr. Champ


On episode 3 of Dr. Champ, Kim So Yeon’s character is waiting for a phone call when finally her phone starts ringing – and it’s Park Shi Hoo!

On the phone call, he introduces himself as Seo In Woo and asks for Prosecutor Ma. Kim/Yeon Woo replies that he has the wrong number and he says “Isn’t this Ma Hye Ri?” She yells, “It isn’t!” and hangs up.


*I can’t wait to recap this episode

source: soompi


7 thoughts on “Park Shi Hoo on Dr. Champ

  1. Awwww, it’s incredibly cute when past co-stars cameo in a drama to support the other. Good luck with the recaps! I really enjoy reading them and all your insightful thoughts. 😀

  2. Hahaha, I didn’t realize it was him until I saw someone pointing that out in soompi. Ma Gom and Seo Byeon. I wish he had made a real appearance tho.

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