Hotelier and Barbie Hsu’s Engagement

Ok – double whammy. 1) There will be a Chinese version of Hotelier.

Say WHAT!?

I LOVED Hotelier for only one reason – Kim Seung Woo. I do not think it merits to be remade a million times, since I think the story was so-so and the other characters were not interesting. Sure, they made a Japanese version, and I can see why – it’s got Bae Yong Joon. That’s all. But a Chinese version?! It’s like them making the Chinese version of All About Eve - which I must say isn’t all too compelling. Translating it is like, “Really? They say those lines with a straight face?” And Jang Hyuk’s hair ain’t so hot.

Anyways, the director of the drama announced that Barbie Hsu would not be starring in his drama because she’s too busy dating. More like engaged is what it’s like. That’s number 2).

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Jay Chou and Edison Chen on ‘Initial D 2’

Oooh – Edison Chen on the big screen. Five years after the hit film “Initial D” (directed by Andrew Lau, who will now be the producer), Jay Chou will step behind the camera as director.

The film, based on a Japanese manga and anime series, starred Jay Chou in the lead role as a delivery boy whose driving skills up and down the hairpin curves of Mt. Akina attract the attention of street racers. Edison Chen played a mentor-like character and fellow racer. Now, in this sequel, Chen looks to be reprising his role, and Chou will be the director.

Interesting… last I heard of Chen was he was going to design a clothing line… or something like that. Now he’s going to be onscreen again – for millions to see not in his naked glory.

source: asianfanatics

Yoon Son Ha in an Accident

Yoon Son Ha of Runaway Plan B might have to leave the drama. Less than halfway through the series, she was rear-ended on her way home and it led to a fractured leg that she may need surgery for.

If she gets that surgery, it’s more likely she will have to leave the drama, but she’s a crucial part to the mystery that there will be plot holes if she leaves. I’d say, if she disappears, I think they could use that part of the script to their advantage as they try to figure out where she went while solving the mystery in other ways. The other characters will just have to rely on others to give them the information they need – or to provide the threats and obstacles that they (sorta) need.

Her surgery is scheduled for October 31, and she will need at least a week’s recovery.

source: allkpop

News Bits: 10/30/10 Edition

It’s nearly the end of October! I feel like just a few posts ago I was like, “It’s the start of October!” Weird…

Anyways – I think this news bits edition will focus on singers-turned-idol-actors. To start, Eric Mun of ShinHwa is now out of the army! He is one of the ones who entered late in age, since an accident in 2006 led him to enter the army in 2008. He will begin filming the new drama Poseidon. Say hi!

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Shin Se Kyung and Jong Hyun are a Couple

Ooooh – Shin Se Kyung is dating…! She’s now dating a member of SHINee, Jong Hyun, for approximately 20 days now, though they’ve known each other longer. They first met in May during a concert. Since both share common interests in music and similar hobbies, they got along more quickly and progressed to being a couple.

They’ve been spotted constantly taking walks and avoiding fans as they try to go about as an ordinary couple. Both of them have admitted that they can’t spend much time together due to their busy schedules, so their “dates” are usually just walks. The two 21-year-olds text each other frequently to make up for the distance.

Unfortunately, SHINee’s fans have lashed out at Shin Se Kyung, angry that she’s dating Jong Hyun (like he’d ever date any one of them). They left negative comments on her personal website that it got shut down. Girls. Chill.

source: asianfanatics, asiae

Filipino Food – A Parody

OK – so clearly every so often I put up a really random post, and you may enjoy it, or not. Whatever – I do. 😀

If you know anything about Filipinos, Filipino food, or about how Filipinos usually replace their ‘f’s with ‘p’s, then you might enjoy the video.

Or, if you like Katy Perry and/or “California Girls” you might like this video too.

Or if you like Katy Perry but HATE “California Girls” (like I do) then you’ll enjoy this video.

😀 OK – enough justifications.

News Bits: 10/26/10 Edition

Another Korean artist suicide.

Yu Ju (real name Lee Hye Rin) was a singer and a former racing model. She committed suicide a few days ago due to depression at the age of 25. She was once part of the girl group SSEN back in 2008 but after one album, they never got any further. Kind of a shame really – I wonder if these celebs know that they become more famous after their death than before. I have never heard of her until today. This is a horrible trend…

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S.H.E.’s Selina in an Explosive Accident

While filming her drama I Have a Date With Spring in Shanghai, Selina suffered 3rd degree burns when an explosion was accidentally set off earlier than intended. She and her costar Yu Hao Ming were immediately taken to a hospital and treated for their burns, which covered their arms and legs, and parts of their torso.

The two of them were reportedly nervous about the upcoming shoot and the safety issues, but previous tests of the explosives had shown no signs of a problem. However, when they went off prematurely, Yu reportedly covered Selina with his body, and so he suffered greater injuries than she.

Selina flew back to Taiwan on Sunday to receive further treatment and underwent a five-hour surgery to remove the damaged skin tissue. She will most likely have to undergo skin transplant and other plastic surgery, as well as rehabilitation. At first, due to risk of infection, only family members and her fiance were allowed to visit, but just recently Ella and Hebe went to see her in the hospital.

Rumors are running amok in regards to how the explosion went off, but until then, at least both stars are getting treated and on the road to recovery.

sources: asianfanatics, channel news asia