News Bits: 9/29/10 Edition

Runaway starts today! Woo! No I haven’t seen it yet – however, Dr. Champ is taking priority for me. After that must catch up on other dramas before I’ll even look at Runaway.

One last note on I Am Legend, since my final recap only went up last night. I definitely think that it could have been better, and it had its ups and downs. I do not think it was the best drama ever, but I am grateful for the fun moments. Despite its rocky story, the writer managed to entertain us with the characters, not the plot. I call it “brain candy” much like how some chick-lit novels are brain candy: it was fun while it lasted, but it wasn’t by all means good.

OK, and now on to the news bits of the day!

Lee Si Young, now starring in Playful Kiss, apparently underwent rigorous training and diet to play her role as tennis champion Yoon He Ra. She now only has 4kg of body fat, which isn’t really normal. Nevertheless, she’s ridiculously fit.

BoA‘s new MV “Copy and Paste” is out! It’s ok – the song is catchy, and I really just like how clean and slick her video looks.

Kim Hyo Jin – who was in the drama Magic and the film “Jeon Woo Chi” – has joined the cast of Mary Stayed Out All Night. She completes the love square as the ex-girlfriend of Jang Geun Suk‘s character. Her character is a new one made specifically for the drama, and is a sassy actress whom everyone envies. Oh but I’m sure we can find a flaw in her somewhere, whether it’s her having broken Jang’s heart, or being a jealous bitch to Moon Geun Young.

Cecilia Cheung will be making her comeback as an actress after having gone on hiatus and giving birth to her second son. She will star in a Lunar New Year film directed by Raymond Lam, and will co-star with Donnie Yen, Carina Lau, and Louis Koo. For ten days of work, she will be paid 10 million HKD. Damn.

And! First look at Kim Nam Joo and Jung Joon Ho‘s wedding photos, as well as Park Shi Hoo in Queen of Reversals!

source: seoulbeats, popseoul, dramabeans, xin msn, soompi


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