News Bits: 9/28/10 Edition

Well, well – Se7en is sure making us notice him with this particular song – “I’m Going Crazy.” The music video stars him and his real life girlfriend Park Han Byul (Oh My Lady), and it provides a glimpse into what a relationship with a star is like. Park’s role is made to sound quite annoying because she always seems to be on his case, and the overlapping dialogue lines don’t help. However, it’s not entirely her fault for driving him away, since he doesn’t wish to acknowledge her publicly and never has time for her. There is an element of physical violence, although done in rewind, that reminds me of “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem and Rhianna – except the latter song is much, much, much more violent.

Anyways – nice MV.

Park Shin Hye‘s new drama Hayate the Combat Butler was showcased during the Television Festival by GTV. She will star with George Hu and Tia Li, who was present with her and the boy band Wu Hu Jiang (of whom George Hu is a member of). A lot of fans complained that Park was too old for the role (whaaat!?) and that Tia Li’s breasts were too big for her role (huh?!!?!?) but the both of them stressed that the script was changed to accommodate them better. I don’t know much about the original manga, so I can’t comment too much about this supposed age difference. However, Park Shin Hye being too old?!?! Unless her character is like, under 15 years old, then I’d believe it.

Brian Joo, Choi Si Won, and Vanness Wu are coming together to record an English album for a project called 3rd Wave. The album is being made to help African children and will be released on October 10 in Korea and the US via iTunes. Choi’s song is “Sweetest Name” and Brian and Vanness will have a duet “Everything to Me.”

source: seoulbeats, asianfanatics, asiae


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