‘Haru’ Trailer Comes Out

Haru is produced by the Korean National Tourism Organization to promote Korea for travel. It stars big name celebrities in one project, and most of them are famous in other Asian countries as well. You can check out the stills here and the trailer here.

The cinematography is so serene and beautiful that it’s funny how Park Shi Hoo and Han Chae Young‘s parts seem to conflict with it the most. You get to see Lee Da Hae and Kim Bum stare wistfully out the windows of a speeding train. (Is Kim Bum the quintessential young boy for every older Korean actress? Because though his pairing with Lee Da Hae is a little weird, it’s not inconceivable and they look good together.) Park Shi Hoo is the epitome of a perfect man (and no, that’s not my own bias talking), while Han Chae Young is the hot girl who runs better than you. Then the two of them go all “Kill Bill” on us. Big Bang is the only one that acts its age, while Yunho delivers the funniest and most random (for me) performance by running away from a rocket missile.

The trailer ends with the implication that what you’ve just seen is all part of a movie or a drama. (Yunho’s character is an actor, but since his back is turned to us, it can really mean anyone.) That would be funny and a little meta: Korea is promoting itself through its most famous media form, the Korean Drama.

sources: allkpop and seoulbeats


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