News Bits: 9/20/10 Edition

It’s late, I know. But I have good reason: my two favorite American TV shows, House and Chuck have returned! And boy is it awesome! They’re definitely going to rival the upcoming Korean dramas for the rest of the year.

But on to the news. Two new casting announcements have been made. The big one is Kim Jae Wook joining the drama Mary Stayed Out All Night. He will complete the love triangle with Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young. Kim’s character is the perfect chaebol who was betrothed to Moon at a young age. But when she meets Jang, everything becomes more complicated. Woo! Giving him serious chaebol roles now after his turn in Bad Guy huh?

And Oh Ji Ho will cameo in the first episode of Runaway Plan B. He plays Rain’s best friend who asks him to get started on the hunt for the secret treasure.

Word on the street is My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is getting an ending rewrite. I’m particularly surprised, since I never thought that the ending would need a rewrite. I had assumed (perhaps wrongly) that despite the obstacles the main couple would get together happily. Now it looks like the situation is really more dire than I had expected, and fan outcries have hoped that no one would die.

And here’s an MV teaser from BoA. It’s for her new song “Copy and Paste” (I’m all “meh” on the title). The full MV comes out on September 24.

source: dramabeans, seoulbeats, youtube


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