News Bits: 9/17/10 Edition

While Yoon Sang Hyun has gone to Japan for a fan meeting on Tuesday to celebrate his birthday with fans, Cha Seung Won had to return from filming in Japan due to health reasons. There is no word as to what illness Cha has, but the script and filming schedule has been modified to account for his emergency return to Korea.

Behind the scenes and shoot photos of BoA and Jung Woo Sung have appeared as ATHENA films in Japan. Jung is her bodyguard for the duration of her cameo on the series.

Speaking of BoA, she topped the list as one of the best K-pop stars in the last ten years. A Korean website held a survey that included about 20 professionals and they ranked the best and worst K-pop stars over the years.

The best stars were:

1. BoA


3. Big Bang

4. SES


The worst stars were:

1. CN Blue

2. ZE:A

3. Super Junior

4. H.O.T.

5. Rain

For the best stars, I probably have to agree with most of the picks there. I’m surprised Wonder Girls wasn’t on the list, but then again, they seem to be more like a flash-in-the-pan. Though they come out with catchy singles, they’re concentrating so much on an American debut that they’re easy to forget. I don’t particularly like their songs anyways. I also don’t like SNSD, and I thought they were worse than Wonder Girls, but they’ve made a wise move in firming their fan base in Asia. And – they’ve had so many remakes of their songs, from Nathalie Makoma’s rendition to a rock version in I am Legend. I won’t even judge SES, since I’ve only listened to a few of their songs and never felt the full impact of their K-pop greatness.

As for the worst stars, I’m definitely disappointed that CN Blue topped their list. I think there are worse bands than CN Blue. Rain is understandable – he’s a big star, but he’s also had so many encounters where he disappoints fans, whether in Manila or in Hawaii, by canceling appearances and concerts. And Super Junior – maybe it’s because they’re so big and usually go off in doing their own things.

source: asiae, allkpop, seoulbeats


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