A New Start

This is going to be a completely personal post. To an extent. In a previous post I had put up my college entrance exam essay because it showed the extent of my obsession with K-dramas. I fueled that essay into forming my entire college education, and I based my thesis based on that passion.

And happy to say – I’m done! My thesis was titled “The Creation of a ‘Real’ Asian” (not a fancy title, I know), and focused on Hollywood remakes of Asian films and how that affects the stereotypes created on Asians and Asian Americans. Suffice to say, it’s a very complex matter, as there is no right or wrong in what should be the proper portrayal of Asians onscreen. In the end – my conclusion is that it’s the choice of the people – or the viewers – to make a decision on what they believe Asian Americans are to them. If they want to choose the “reality” that Asians are always involved in gangs and are stereotypically better in math and science, then so be it. If they want to choose the “reality” that there are many different Asians just as there are many different white Europeans, then so be it. I can only hope that people will be more open-minded in viewing Asians, and that hopefully it can be translated onscreen one day. Until then, I believe that every artist should be aware of the consequences of every work they produce (this also means filmmakers and producers) and be able to take responsibility in the message that they present. Viewers also have a responsibility as they consume the product, because I would want to trust that they are open-minded  enough to understand the message and appreciate the art the way the artist intended for it to be.

So cheers to a new start! My compulsory education and college life is done!


2 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. Ooohhhh, I’m so happy for ya, chinguuuu! Congrats congrats congrats!!!

    Haha, now that you’re talking about college, I’m totally worn out because of this frakking semester. I can barely breathe ¬¬. Aiiissshhhh, I’m so envious!!! I want to finish toooo!!! 😛

    Anyways, congrats congrats congrats again!!!

    • chinguuuuuu!!!!!!! thanks! and so great to hear your voice!!!!!! i figured you were busy with the semester – but i hope you’re STILL enjoying it!!!!!! hahahaha – you’ll be done soon!! wheeeeee!

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