Dr. Champ Holds a Press Conference

Dr. Champ held a press conference recently and here are the pics! The drama is getting ready for a September 27 premiere after I Am Legend.

Everyone seems to have gotten the message about wearing beige/muted colors… except for Jung Gyu Woon.

The lovely ladies – Kim So Yeon, Cha Ye Ryun, and Song Ji Eun.

Aww… her arm is linked with Uhm Tae Woong‘s. Now don’t go super-analyzing that though! She is firmly with Park Shi Hoo! (That’s what I’m going to believe)

At the ends are the director Park Hyung Ki and the Jung Seok Won

source: lilcrash @soompi


3 thoughts on “Dr. Champ Holds a Press Conference

  1. Anyeong

    Kim So Yeon umhhhh
    talents match with gd looks. Can’t wait to see her in Dr Champ . Loved fr her All Abt Eve, 20 yrs old then, already exuding screen presence…
    Jowa yo…

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