News Bits: 9/15/10 Edition

Kim Ah Joong (Accidental Couple, “200 Pounds Beauty”) will star opposite Park Shin Yang in the medical drama Heaven. She will play the clumsy Go Da Kyung, a newbie who conducts autopsies. So she’s a bumbling cop/doctor? Meant to be adorable, and also probably going to win the heart of the cold-hearted Park.

On the variety show “Win Win”, Kim Tae Hee said she was happy about the rumors floating around that she and Lee Byung Hoon were dating in real life during production of IRIS. She had never been in a scandal before, and therefore enjoyed the attention. She took it as a compliment that her romantic acting skills were getting better. Hm – OK, I’ll give you that, but honestly why do you want to even be rumored to be in a relationship with a costar? Too much attention on the private life ain’t so fun, ya’ know?

Lee Min Ho was in New York for Fashion Week. (And my head does a whiplash-inducing turn, “WHUT!?”) He attended the Lacoste show, as he was one of the few Korean celebs invited. His fans even showed up to serenade him outside of Lincoln Center. Embarrassing? Nah… But the prize of this news bit is this quote from the original article:

APR announced in a press release that Lee was one of the few Korean celebrities invited to New York Fashion Week’s 2011 Summer/ Spring collection for Lactose by French designer Christophe Lemaire.

HEEEE! OK – not to be hating since typos can happen. Nevertheless, I snorted (out of laughter) when I saw that. Lacoste => Lactose. Sweet.

Playful Kiss will be getting a special online series via Youtube. Seven ten-minute long episodes – with new or additional clips – will be put up on Youtube exclusively for viewers around the world. I guess this is their way of combating the videos being illegally put up on Youtube and streamed to other sites. Starting in October, audiences can also pitch in for story ideas and also help with the subtitling.

Oook – story ideas? Wait, for the Youtube exclusive clips, or for the series? Because if it’s for the series, that’s really worrisome. I know the ratings aren’t that great and they are trying to bump up the attention, but I think letting the audience control the story is just a bit much. I know that the fan base can definitely influence the way a story will go, but that’s not the same as a direct suggestion or input.

Aaaand Wu Zun called Rainie Yang “round” because she’s been snacking a lot while filming her new drama Sunshine Angel. Aww – no fighting you guys.

source: asiae, asianfanatics


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