‘Confessions’ to go to the Oscars?

If it does, it will make my day!

The film ‘Confessions’ by Tetsuya Nakashima is being submitted as Japan’s official selection for the Oscars. I previously wrote up a review for the film and I loved it. It was a great summer movie to freak out over (and I mean in the goosebumps-OHMIGOSH-kind of way).

It doesn’t mean it’s going to be nominated for an Oscar just yet. It has to compete with all the other countries’ submissions and get a spot in one of the coveted five available for the Best Foreign Film category. If it gets nominated, and if ‘Into the Fire’ is there too (which I’m betting is a sure shoo-in. If not, I’m going to go in an angry tirade on this blog), I honestly don’t know which I would root for: the suspenseful revenge film or the action film that hits all the right patriotic chords?

source: asianfanatics


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