Caption This: Runaway

Here, I’ll start:

Lee Jung Jin: *Vroom Vrooooooooooom* I’m running away! Running away!

Rain: Oppa – where are you going? Wanna play horsey on my lap? Giddy-yap!

Lee Jung Jin: *with greater urgency* Vrooom vroooooooooom!

photo credit: soompi


One thought on “Caption This: Runaway

  1. O.o…Oh my god….No words, really.

    LJJ: Jihoon-a, maybe I’ll pose like this? With a PS-ed bike and stuff.
    Rain: Uh huh, uh huh.
    LJJ: You think it would look good? Or maybe sideways? *moves around*
    Rain: Good, good, hmm, keep moving..

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