News Bits: 9/12/10 Edition

Cramming is a pain. Wait – we all knew that already, right?

It’s difficult to have to study three years worth of college and cram it together into a final thesis presentation. Scary that an entire college education comes down to two hours…

But that’s just me complaining again. So let’s move on to other matters – like how ARASHI is releasing a textbook! In this 200-page textbook that was distributed to primary, junior, and high schools, the members of ARASHI go around Japan to promote the local culture in various areas of Japan. Of course, they have fans that are not in school, and so the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism have been bombarded with calls from fans asking for more copies of the books to be sold instead of just being donated straight to these schools.

I mean, the awesome-ness of ARASHI can’t just be left to young kiddies!

Singer Ai Otsuka is pregnant! And that’s all I have to say.

Aside from film remakes, there is news that Korean dramas will also be remade for US audiences. And I go – SAY WHAT?!!?

Kapital Entertainment struck a deal with KBS to remake Resurrection and The Devil (both of which star Uhm Tae Woong) for a US drama series. Both are police dramas, and mystery/thrillers. While I don’t know Resurrection, The Devil sure is something that I think will translate well for audiences nowadays. It has the formulaic police story, but also the over-arching mystery behind the mysterious lawyer Oh Seung Ha, played by Joo Ji Hoon. A guy with mysterious motives, weird deaths, a psychic, and a detective with a haunting past? Sounds like a mix of Fringe, House, and Law and Order. Oh and with a mix of the now-canceled FlashForward. While I think it is possible that it can be a hit (something with vampires though might be better considering the current US television climate), I wonder how they will extend it. After all, Korean dramas are meant to have a beginning and an end, and they do not generally have “seasons” where the story travels over with the same characters for several years. So do they want to extend the 20-episode drama into a series that can last perhaps 3-5 years? Or do they plan to complete the story in one season, and create new plot lines for subsequent seasons? Or (!) is US going to adopt a “one-season” approach to future dramas? (I highly doubt that, although I don’t mind it!)

Shame on MC Mong – it was recently revealed that he removed 12 teeth on purpose to dodge military enlistment. For seven years. He blamed it on tooth decay, but during his first physical examination in 1998 he was declared to have teeth in perfect condition. Then in 2007 he failed the exam because he had 12 missing teeth. For dodging military enlistment, he might be indicted. He’s already been edited out of the show 1 Day 2 Nights and public backlash have called for him to get off the show HaHaMong Show.

source: asianfanatics, dramabeans, allkpop


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