News Bits: 9/10/10 Edition

Oh this news bit is so. very. late. But I must give proper attention to my number one love Park Shi Hoo anyways.

Park has been confirmed to join the cast of Queen of Reversals alongside Jung Joon Ho, Chae Jung Ahn, and Kim Nam Joo. He will complete the love square (but with whom will he fall in love with!? Kim Nam Joo?!) and play the chaebol who couldn’t care less about his work. Basically, he’s Yoon Sang Hyun 2.0. I’m not too happy to see him relegated to second male lead again, especially after his turns as the lead in Prosecutor Princess and Family’s Honor, but fine. I’ll take Park wherever I can.

Super Junior’s Shin Dong is a supporting cast member to Dr. Champ, which premieres on September 27. He will play one of the judo athletes alongside Jung Gyu Woon. Heehee – he looks so tough in the above picture…but gets owned in the bottom pic…

I have yet to watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal (I’m getting to it! I’m getting to it!) but in episode 4, Micky Yoochun‘s character gets drunk and Park Min Young’s character is forced to carry him back to the dorms. She noted that Yoochun was so into his character that he let all his weight fall on her, and she got sore the next day from carrying him on her back. Ha! I would have loved to see that play out on set – and they apparently did a lot of NG’s for the scene too!

Runaway‘s title has been revised to Runaway Plan B. I don’t know why it has to have an additional two words, but fine. According to the official statement, the ‘Plan B’ is supposed to refer to the alternative route when the first plan of action fails. So… will our leads be continually finding a Plan B?

Here’s a new teaser for the drama, which shows a more comedic vibe (for me) from Rain.

Cha Seung Won will hold his first fan meeting ever in Japan on September 24. My goodness – this man has never been recognized! Then again, I don’t feel like he really hit his stride until recently. He was mostly in movies, but is more visible now that he’s in the smaller screen.

source: dramabeans, soompi, asiae


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