News Bits: 9/8/10 Edition

Lee Yoo Ri (Loving You, Daring Women) just got married! She married a missionary studying theology two days ago in a small wedding that included a few celebrities: Lee Soon Jae, Kim Soo Mi, and Hong Soo Young. She met her husband two years ago at a Bible study group. She held a small press conference before her wedding – perhaps to give the press the pics they want without having them inside her wedding. Doesn’t she look like a princess?

KARA’s Han Seung Yeon fractured her spine while exercising, forcing the group to delay their comeback until November. Though she is the leader, she will most likely be unable to participate in group activities this month, as she is ordered to receive four weeks of treatment. Fracturing a spine is a scary matter. Actually, anything involving the spine is scary; I’m always afraid of paralysis.

Are Sakurai Sho of ARASHI and Horikita Maki dating?! It’s possible. The two costars in the drama Tokujo Kabachi play rivals, but off-screen they hang out like good ole’ chums. Both were seen at a gay bar (so random, of all places) with another friend Endo Kenichi. They were quite close, and Sakurai even said that when the cameras stop rolling, they can’t stop smiling at each other. Johnny’s Entertainment is notorious for keeping the boys under strict control in regards to their dating lives, so either this one will have to be done discreetly, or the two are “just friends”, or it will lead to nowhere.

A new trailer for Runaway is out! It sure is action-packed, a la IRIS but with less bombs and explosions. Lee Na Young is quite the fighter too – never expected it out of her character, and she really sells it. But of course – there are also pics of our favorite couple Lee Jung Jin and Rain.

Lee: Ah come on Rain, we gotta get back to work and practice hating each other.


Lee: YEEESH – what is wrong with you?! I’m going…

Rain: Hyung-eee!! Heheh…

Another project in the works for Hyun Bin. He is said to star in a low-budget film with Im Soo Jung, squeezing in this project and Secret Garden before he leaves for the military. (I don’t know now if he’s really going to do Secret Garden since he can’t really push back his military enlistment.) The film is so low-budget it’s said to take two weeks to complete, and will focus on a separated couple. Wow – impressive! I always admire short, efficient productions.

The dramas Giant and Dong Yi will be getting extensions. For Dong Yi, it is its second extension, bringing the total episodes to 70. I guess that’s good, because they might need some time to save itself after the fiasco of the strike and bad production of its 49th episode (which would have been it’s second-to-last episode if it didn’t get the initial extension in July). As for Giant, it will extend another 10 episodes, and will end with 60. That also means ATHENA will premiere in December. *Sob!*

source: asiae, asianfanatics, willenette @soompi, dramabeans


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