News Bits: 9/6/10 Edition

Oof – I take a weekend off to chillax and shop – which meant no reading of K-pop news – and so many things happen!!!!!!!!

Jung Il Woo held his birthday fan meeting over the weekend, and his surprise guests were Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho! The two of them are best friends with Jung, and Kim Bum even starred alongside Jung in Unstoppable High Kick. They celebrated Jung’s 23rd birthday with him and his fans, and Jung performed for his fans on the piano and also singing the song “Candy in My Ear” by Baek Ji Young.

Jerry Yan suddenly pulled out of new idol drama Material Queen, only to have fellow Taiwanese F4-er Vanness Wu take his place as a violinist. And then at the press conference, Jerry Yan makes a surprise appearance to present flowers and make a photo-call (probably for a fan) before leaving. Like, what the hell? Why appear at all? Can’t handle the attention being away from you? Jerry Yan blames his pull-out to his weak health, while Vanness Wu admitted that he always wanted the role, but didn’t push it. Probably because good ole’ buddy Yan was doing it so he didn’t want to steal it. Although, it’s kinda like the Kim Sun Ah- Kim Jung Eun situation over I Am Legend, except you don’t see Kim Sun Ah appearing anywhere near the production.

But that’s an idea! Hey producers – think you can get Kim Sun Ah a guest spot in the finale as a fellow performer who’s a secret fan of Comeback Madonna Band?!

Charice Pempengco has already filmed her bit on TV show Glee as a foreign exchange student from the Philippines named ‘Sunshine Corazon.’ (Seriously? Sunshine? Although I’m not surprised that there may be Filipinos named that since Filipinos can go all over the place with their naming and spelling… And ‘Corazon’? Nice nod to the recently-deceased, former president Corazon Aquino, who was the first female to hold that position in the Philippines.) Anyways – she will be competing with Rachel Berry in vocals, since it’s audition time at the start of season 2. In the promo for season 2, she has a sing-off with Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele) in the bathroom singing “Telephone” (the duet by Lady Gaga and Beyonce). Well played, that match-up.

Jung Woo Sung‘s film “Reign of Assassins” will premiere in Korea on October 14 (a few weeks before he appears on every Korean’s small screen with ATHENA). The film, directed by John Woo (“Mission Impossible II”, and “Red Cliff”) features Michelle Yeoh as a retired assassin and Jung as her husband, who may have a secret of his own. The film is in Mandarin, and Yeoh is back with more kick-ass moves that are more fierce than her graceful fighting skills in “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.”

15,000 fans went to Staples Center in Los Angeles for the SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR, a concert that featured Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, BoA, U-know Yunho, and more. There were 44 singers and actors in all who took the stage, and the concert was four hours long. After this, it will be a Shanghai concert on September 11, and a Tokyo concert in January. The closing song? “Hope” by H.O.T.

One of the actors in Baker King Kim Tak Gu, Park Yong Jin, has been charged with assaulting a police officer and for refusing to take a sobriety test. Last month on August 18, he was caught for running a red light and tried to outrun a police car. He was finally pulled over, and because the officer detected alcohol in his breath, he was asked to take a sobriety test. Park refused to and started to assault the officer. His license may be revoked as a result of this. Though producers have not said whether Park will be dismissed from the show for his bad behavior, it is likely they will figure out a way for his character to leave. When Choi Chul Ho was caught for bad behavior, his character was also written out of the drama (even though he claimed to quit out of his own choice). It is likely the same will happen here.

With the modest success of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, it is possible that Lee Seung Gi’s next step is a film called “Nothing Past the Western Front.” Nothing is confirmed yet, but producers want him on board. However, his agency is also saying that he’s supposed to hold concerts in November. So which is which? I want concerts – not a movie. Hehe. (I also watched an episode of “2 Days 1 Night” yesterday, and it was an old episode because his cast mates were asking about any future kissing scenes with Shin Min Ah, and he said he didn’t know if there were any yet. He was so funny in that show! Much love… :D)

Brian Joo of Fly to the Sky launches his own online fashion store today. The site – – has mostly him modeling his menswear designs. The style ranges from rugged to clean-cut, hip-hop to preppy. Funny – he never looks happy in any of these photos.

Ethan Ruan just might be off the market. He reportedly purchased a 20,000,000 TWD house to share with longtime girlfriend Tiffany Xu, and is planning to buy a 5,000,000 TWD house for her parents. (Uh – a house worth less than yours??) It’s all supposedly to curry favor with his potential in-laws, since rumors are circulating that he will marry Tiffany within a year. Oooooh…

Wu Zun lost his temper on set – which is a rare occurrence for the patient actor. On the set of his new drama Sunshine Angel, his father flew to Taiwan from Brunei for a short – and rare – stay. He appeared on set and the two were able to catch up for a bit…except the crew kept rushing Wu Zun to start working. Wu lost his cool because he never got to spend any time with his father. In his defense he said that he was in a bad mood – not in a complete rage – and it was because of his packed schedule that didn’t let him to rest. As much as I feel bad that he didn’t get some father-son time, the production crew wasn’t in the wrong for “annoying” him so. After all, they’ve got deadlines to meet too, and the world doesn’t revolve around Wu Zun.

source: asiae, asianfanatics, dramabeans, allkpop, xin msn


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