News Bits: 9/3/10 Edition

Park Shin Yang is back! The star of Money’s War, Lovers in Paris, and Painter of the Wind will play the lead role Yoon Ji Hoon in the upcoming drama Heaven (that’s the tentative title). His character conducts autopsies at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, and is a cold person who doesn’t trust anyone. (Sounds like House.) But he’s also supposedly a three-dimensional character, with several personalities/sides to him. (A multiple-personality-disorder-afflicted main character?! Ooh… o_O)

Heaven is a medical/mystery drama that will begin filming in November. No female lead has been cast yet.

Jung So Min appeared in a photo spread for High Cut magazine, titled “The Minimalist.” Hence – the simplistic photos.

Speculations are running rampant that Hebe Tien of the girl group S.H.E. may be a lesbian or bisexual. The singer recently went solo, and though she clearly needed to get used to doing performances solo and dealing with the press without her gals, the reporters were more interested in her love life. Currently she has no boyfriend – but she has been in relationships before. When asked if any relationships were with guys, she vaguely answered, “Let me think about it for awhile.” The rumors surfaced after she was photographed behaving intimately with another woman.

First of all – I think it’s none of the press’ business to ask these things (although of course, relationship status of the stars is inherently linked to their pop culture status with the fans, and who doesn’t want to know, secretly – deep down inside…). So why am I even mentioning this? Because 1) it involves someone from S.H.E., whom I love and 2) because I find it insanely hilarious that the news reports are focused on this matter. I don’t know if her behavior with the unnamed female was anything special, but I think that people in China are quite touchy-feely anyways. What if it was misread?

What if the following bit was misread?

Fahrenheit has admitted that they’ve kissed each other.

I’m not kidding.

They have practiced kissing on each other to help ease their nerves when filming kissing scenes with their actress co-stars. (So, they’re not gay – but you could have misread that right?) When asked if he felt anything for Ariel Lin while kissing her, Wu Zun merely said that she helped him a lot go through his first onscreen kiss. Aaron Yan‘s most memorable kiss was the one with Patty Hou, and Jiro Wang was named as the “champion kisser” – just because he kissed Rainie Yang, Genie Zuo, Larisa, and Cyndi Wang.

source: asiae, allkpop, asianfanatics, xinmsn


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