Choi Si Won and ATHENA Update

Is there another idol star who’s going to be very successful as an actor too?

We all know that Choi Si Won’s got some acting chops (hell, he did pretty well in Oh My Lady even if the role was a bit meta). But now, ATHENA costar Kim Min Jong has praised the young man’s acting skills, saying:

“He’s doing so well that he’s an actor whose future I look forward to more than his present…He reminds me of my own past, when I see him doing well at sports and music, as well as having a good determination for acting.”

Now that’s one heck of a compliment – and not too dissimilar from what Kim Seung Woo said about T.O.P in regards to his acting in “Into the Fire.” Even though they costarred together in IRIS, they didn’t have scenes together. ATHENA is pretty high profile enough, and it’s said to be a hit as well.

It is very possible that it will be more popular than IRIS, because of its storyline and more complicated relationships. Here’s a more detailed account of the show:

The storyline for ATHENA focuses on a war on energy. NTS, or the National Anti-Terror Service, must battle ATHENA over a new energy source nicknamed “TWR.” Jung Woo Sung is National Intelligence Service agent Lee Jung Woo who gets transferred to NTS. He meets his former colleague – and love – profiler Yoon Hye In, played by Su Ae. He finds out that she is involved with ATHENA as well, but as a double agent. (Her loyalties lie – supposedly – with NTS). Lee Jia‘s Han Jae Hee is also an NTS agent who hides her feelings for Jung Woo because of Hye In. However, she is more open and honest, which leads to a confrontation between the two ladies. Choi Si Won plays rookie agent Kim Joon Ho… and there’s not much else on him.

As for Cha Seung Won, he plays Son Hyuk, who heads the East Asian branch of United States Department of Homeland Security (!!) and ATHENA. According to Cha, his character comes off as the villain, but will change “dramatically” as the series progresses. Huh – so is he going to pull a Kim Seung Woo on us? (Where Kim Seung Woo was initially Lee Byung Hoon’s deadly enemy, only to end up on his side.) As for Kim Min Jong, his character Kim Ki Soo is a North Korean intelligence agent who defected, and is a “freewheeling and charismatic” character. That explains his flippant and funny portrayal in the trailer.

source: asiae, kbs global


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