News Bits: 9/1/10 Edition

It’s September! New month – new start – and definitely new dramas!

For example, this week, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Playful Kiss both premiered this week. I am itching to watch the first two episodes – probably this weekend – unless life gets in the way again.

But on to News Bits (which will be short)! Choi Seung Hyun (or T.O.P. – but I will refer to him by his real name when it comes to his acting chops in “Into the Fire”) is rumored to snag the Rookie Award at the 2010 Movie Awards. His performance was so strong that if he does win, he will be the first singer-from-an-idol-group-turned-actor to win one. And boy do I want him to win!

Hey Clint Eastwood! Hire Choi in your next movie!!!

Park Shin Hye sported a new look for the press premiere of “Cyrano Agency.” All I can say is – she looks like Ma Hye Ri.

As you may have heard, there are possible strikes from the members of the Korean Broadcasting, Film, and Performing Arts Labor Union against the three major broadcasters. MBC, SBS, and KBS had to settle the issue of their outstanding payments to the union by September 1st, Korean time. While KBS has successfully come to a compromise (just three minutes before the deadline), MBC and SBS will be affected. The KBS dramas Baker King Kim Tak Gu, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Marry Me will be broadcast and filmed without interruption. The other dramas affected – MBC’s Dong Yi, Gloria, Kim Soo Ro, and Playful Kiss, and SBS’ I Am Legend, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Giant, Neighbor Enemies, I Don’t Know Women, and Life is Beautiful – will continue their broadcast but can’t continue shooting. It doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a short hiatus, since most dramas may have one or two episodes already completed and ready for the following week. If the drama is live-shooting though, it can pose more problems (like MGIG).

Basically – the three broadcasters owe a total of a little over 4 billion Won to the union. The union not only wants to get paid, but wants to establish a method so that these overdue payments will never happen again.

source: asianfanatics, stardusts @soompi, dramabeans


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