News Bits: 9/29/10 Edition

Runaway starts today! Woo! No I haven’t seen it yet – however, Dr. Champ is taking priority for me. After that must catch up on other dramas before I’ll even look at Runaway.

One last note on I Am Legend, since my final recap only went up last night. I definitely think that it could have been better, and it had its ups and downs. I do not think it was the best drama ever, but I am grateful for the fun moments. Despite its rocky story, the writer managed to entertain us with the characters, not the plot. I call it “brain candy” much like how some chick-lit novels are brain candy: it was fun while it lasted, but it wasn’t by all means good.

OK, and now on to the news bits of the day!

Lee Si Young, now starring in Playful Kiss, apparently underwent rigorous training and diet to play her role as tennis champion Yoon He Ra. She now only has 4kg of body fat, which isn’t really normal. Nevertheless, she’s ridiculously fit.

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Dr. Champ – Episode 1

I JUST watched the first episode, and can I say this?


(If the above screencap makes you think the drama is more angsty than expected, trust me it’s not. In fact, all the previous stills made me feel like there’d be more drama, but the melodrama part isn’t as bad as I thought.)

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News Bits: 9/28/10 Edition

Well, well – Se7en is sure making us notice him with this particular song – “I’m Going Crazy.” The music video stars him and his real life girlfriend Park Han Byul (Oh My Lady), and it provides a glimpse into what a relationship with a star is like. Park’s role is made to sound quite annoying because she always seems to be on his case, and the overlapping dialogue lines don’t help. However, it’s not entirely her fault for driving him away, since he doesn’t wish to acknowledge her publicly and never has time for her. There is an element of physical violence, although done in rewind, that reminds me of “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem and Rhianna – except the latter song is much, much, much more violent.

Anyways – nice MV.

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New Stills from Queen of Reversals

This drama is shaping up to be something that I want to see in the future. Probably not when it airs, but I’ll wait until all the episodes are out. Only reason is because I skimmed through Queen of Housewives and that was quite fun.

Anyways – on to the stills. The stills show off Jung Joon Ho with his two lady loves – Kim Nam Joo of the present, and Chae Jung Ahn of the past.

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News Bits: 9/27/10 Edition

Haha – I have not been updating as of late… been really busy.

One thing that caught my eye over the weekend was the possibility of Gu Hye Sun and Wu Zun starring in a Taiwanese drama together – a remake of the Japanese drama Absolute Boyfriend. The drama is about a woman who gets the perfect robot boyfriend and they fall in love when the robot boyfriend develops real emotions. Honestly – how does this gal get to work with every hot male star!?!?!?! Anyways – I don’t know if this drama will happen or is feasible – and I wonder if Gu will be dubbed, or if she can really speak Mandarin fluently.

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Outsourced – a New TV Show

Wow there are plenty of Asians on TV this week. Aside from Korean dramas.

Outsourced is a new sitcom on NBC that has an American, Todd, going to India to manage a call center there for a company that sells useless junk. There he meets a bunch of characters, from awkward outcast Gupta; sophisticate and modern Asha; young and hip Manmeet; timid Madhuri who speaks with a barely-audible voice; ambitious and darkly humorous assistant manager Rajiv; and a couple of other non-Asians – managers Charlie and Tonya.

So – I once again present another discussive post on whether this series could be potentially disastrous or potentially hilarious. I will try to not point out Indian culture too much since I am not familiar with it.

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News Bits: 9/23/10 Edition

Seo Shin Ae reminds me of the Korean version of Abigail Breslin – both are cute, and Seo doesn’t really take risky roles, but does act in roles that are more mature. Or maybe she’s trying to be like Moon Geun Young. Anyways, this gal is going to appear in a KBS drama special called Boy Meets Girl. She plays a 12 year old genius who gets into a specialized high school. All she knows is to study, but that changes when she meets a middle-aged man with no talents himself.

Look at how she used to be when she was younger – the girl is growing up gracefully! Don’t change Shin Ae!

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‘Haru’ Trailer Comes Out

Haru is produced by the Korean National Tourism Organization to promote Korea for travel. It stars big name celebrities in one project, and most of them are famous in other Asian countries as well. You can check out the stills here and the trailer here.

The cinematography is so serene and beautiful that it’s funny how Park Shi Hoo and Han Chae Young‘s parts seem to conflict with it the most. You get to see Lee Da Hae and Kim Bum stare wistfully out the windows of a speeding train. (Is Kim Bum the quintessential young boy for every older Korean actress? Because though his pairing with Lee Da Hae is a little weird, it’s not inconceivable and they look good together.) Park Shi Hoo is the epitome of a perfect man (and no, that’s not my own bias talking), while Han Chae Young is the hot girl who runs better than you. Then the two of them go all “Kill Bill” on us. Big Bang is the only one that acts its age, while Yunho delivers the funniest and most random (for me) performance by running away from a rocket missile.

The trailer ends with the implication that what you’ve just seen is all part of a movie or a drama. (Yunho’s character is an actor, but since his back is turned to us, it can really mean anyone.) That would be funny and a little meta: Korea is promoting itself through its most famous media form, the Korean Drama.

sources: allkpop and seoulbeats

Charice Pempengco on Glee

Today Glee premiered. And boy was it quite exciting. The series jumped right back into form and caught up with many of the characters after the summer. In fact, it covered so many other characters’ arcs that it was sure to have plenty of story threads to keep it interesting for the entire year.

Of course most notably, Filipina singing sensation Charice Pempengco (going by her first name only in the credits) made her acting debut that is sure to make heads turn if they haven’t already. Her character, Sunshine Corazon, is a foreign exchange student from the Philippines whose vocals are so strong and amazing that current Glee diva Rachel Berry (played by Broadway star Lea Michele) feels completely threatened.

[Warning: this is going to be a fully analytical, discussion-type post with an episode recap that is pretty much focused on the three Asian characters that are in this episode/series.]

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