News Bits: 8/31/10 Edition

It is the end of the month! Bye bye August, bye bye summer!

And to end the summer – Lee Byung Hoon‘s entertainment company just announced that he will NOT be starring in IRIS 2. That doesn’t mean ATHENA, by the way, in case anyone’s confused. (Who’s confused? I’m not confused!)

So not only is he not appearing in the spin-off, but he’s not appearing in the sequel (which is slated to air in 2011). Can we then assume that his character [SPOILER] is dead [END SPOILER]? If so, oh mighty gods I rejoice!!!!!! Call me mean, but seriously – I’d be glad if that were the case.

Speaking of which – ATHENA released an extended trailer which is SO HOT. It literally gave me goosebumps, and my jaw slackened. Featuring more of the cast, it even noted special appearances by BoA and Lee Bo Young, and an “Introducing Choi Si Won” (Um – he’s already headlined a drama called Oh My Lady – so why are you giving him an ‘introducing’ credit?! He’s looking mighty sharp though). Best thing though was seeing Kim Min Jong not act macho. He goofs around with a gun for a bit – and I swear I love this side of him more than…his role in A Man Called God.

Is it just me, or is SBS rolling out with hit after hit? Or at least – to my standards. It’s coming out with dramas that I can’t wait to watch or love watching, even if it doesn’t do well ratings-wise. Too bad it’s not doing well financially

I have not yet seen episode 9 of I Am Legend although I’m super psyched for it. But this clip just made it PRICELESS! I can’t wait:

I guess Seol Hee really took it seriously when the supermart manager said they needed to update themselves. Favorite part was Min Kyu trying to blow bubbles and create an ‘effect’ for the video. And the look of love from Tae Hyun…sigh* Darn OTP-rules! I definitely prefer this version INFINITELY more than the original SNSD one. (By the way – I don’t know if this clip appears in episode 9 or 10).

George Hu (Romantic Princess) and Park Shin Hye are set to star in a new manga-adaptation-drama produced by GTV called Hayate the Combat Butler. As the “combat butler” Hu has been training in martial arts, dancing and singing. His role seems to be of a butler who can do everything and cook and clean. As for Park, she seems to be practicing her Mandarin…

source: allkpop, dramabeans, asianfanatics


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