Long Teaser Trailer for Playful Kiss

This video merits a post all to its own (instead of being stuck in one of my ‘News Bits’). It’s so awesome that I think I’ll really watch this series. Like – REALLY watch it. There’s so many funny moments (thanks to Jung So Min‘s acting) and I’m convinced that Kim Hyun Joong – given the right role – can help carry this drama.

The real teaser trailer starts around 0:55.

UPDATE: Another teaser trailer after the jump.

Haha – Lee Tae Sung is so cute. Jung So Min may not intend to – but she’s really channeling Yoon Eun Hye. I don’t know if it’s because the director just elicits these kinds of performances from his leading ladies or what. In this trailer – she even has an incident with a pervy flasher. I don’t understand what they’re saying – but the way they run is just SO COMIC BOOK LIKE. It has a certain charm, and I don’t think it’s too bothersome – mostly because they’re having a conversation and there’s no stupid chasing music in the background.

I was most surprised about how they dealt with the scene though. MAKES ME SO EXCITED! Mainly because Kim Hyun Joong is actually impressing me. I think it’s because this role is more different from his role in Boys Over Flowers.

Best moment ever: Jung So Min runs into a car.

source: youtube, soompi


One thought on “Long Teaser Trailer for Playful Kiss

  1. I don’t really know how this happened (since I abhor the premise of the dumb girl dying for douche boy), but I’m so excited about this drama, that it’s ridiculous.

    I will REALLY watch it too 😛


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