Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon – the DVD Interviews

I did not get a Prosecutor Princess Director’s Cut DVD. 😦

But! Thanks to sweet ccandrea at soompi, who posted up Chinese translations of interviews with Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon, we all get a chance to see what they said!

The following is just a summary of the entire interview, as I am too embarrassed to put up my translation. But if you want to read the entire interview in Chinese, click here, and if you want to read the full translated transcript (albeit with flaws), click here.

During Park Shi Hoo’s interview, he noted that he loved the scene where Ma Hye Ri ran around looking for him, and kept yelling “Seo Byun! Seo Byun!” That scene ended episode 11. It was also one of Kim So Yeon’s favorite scenes as well – thoughts on that anyone?! O_O His favorite scenes were the alarm clock scene, the two kisses (!!) and the “Seo Byun! Seo Byun!” scene. He wasn’t too happy that the action scene in episodes 3 and 4 was so short.

He was also asked if Ma Hye Ri was similar to Kim So Yeon, and he said yes – they were similar in actions and speech. He also noted that he’s very much like his character too (*swoon*) – but it looks like he also has a bit of a naughty mind (he liked the bath scene in the first episode and lamented that the crew did so well in covering Kim So Yeon up).

When asked whether he would have let Ma Hye Ri/Kim So Yeon get away with covering up her father’s crime, Park Shi Hoo said that he would – if he truly loved the girl enough.

As for Kim So Yeon’s interview, she agreed that she’s most like her character, and that she hoped to take away with her Hye Ri’s honesty and spunk. The karaoke scene was supposedly more “sexy” and “risque” than was shown, but thanks to the director, she didn’t have to go too far. She regretted the last couple of episodes for being so rushed – she wished that they had more time to learn the lines. Both of them had said the writing and the script were perfect, and they didn’t have to improvise any lines.

She also said that Park Shi Hoo is listed as “Seo Byun” in her cell phone (cuuute!). The line that she still remembers from the series comes from episode 8, when Park carries her down the mountain (because her shoes broke) –

“Why is the road so long?” “Because I made it longer.”

Based on these interviews though, they would seriously make SUCH A CUTE COUPLE! Their favorite scene was the “Seo Byun!” scene? Both of them?! My goodness – they must’ve loved the emotion and heartbreak and desire in that scene….

source: soompi


6 thoughts on “Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon – the DVD Interviews

  1. i just love this couple to death….. I don’t know why, hahahahha

    There are many couple in kdrama land who are more cute than them (KSY-PSH) . But I feel romantic feeling everytime they appear on screen in PP… and not all couple who can do that to me… as cute as they can be.

    Its seems thay share the same feeling, and the same taste?

  2. I hope that Park Shi Hoo & Kim So Yeon are a real couple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re a great & perfect couple !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love both of them so much !!!!!!!!!

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