News Bits: 8/25/10 Edition

Jung Il Woo and Uhm Tae Woong will both be holding fan meetings. Jung will have his in Seoul next month on his birthday, and then a Japanese fan meeting in November. Uhm will have his this weekend in Osaka, Japan. Don’t the two of them look so fine?!

It’s been rumored – or confirmed, depending on how much you want to believe the sources – that UEE and Park Shin Hye are going to cameo in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Both appeared previously in You’re Beautiful. The episodes that they’re going to appear in is supposed to be this week’s (tonight’s and tomorrow’s). Let’s wait and see!

Song Seung Hoon and Kim Tae Hee‘s new drama My Princess is set for a January broadcast date. It will be written by the same writer who is doing Secret Garden (which comes out in November), and did Lovers, Lovers In Paris, and City Hall. The drama is about a diplomat who is also a chaebol (Song) and a “sly and thrifty” woman who enters college late (Kim). Kim Tae Hee’s character is also supposed to become a princess. (I don’t think literally – but you never know… is it me or is it a mix between Goong and Boys Over Flowers? Because the scene when Makino finds herself in the mansion and is dressed to the nines just popped into my head.)

Speaking of Secret Garden, there’s some cast-switcheroos going on. It is rumored that Jang Hyuk and Kim Sa Rang will be quitting the project, because Jaebeom is supposedly going to join. The new Sidus HQ member was rumored to be on the project – then off, then on – and it’s possible that the company is trying to use its big named stars to get Jaebeom a role in this drama. It is also rumored that Hyun Bin will take on Jang’s role, because he already received the script. There’s no confirmation on either side, but if I were Jang Hyuk or Kim Sa Rang, I would definitely hate it if I were just being used so that a total acting noob could get a chance at stardom. Right now – not very impressed with super hot-shot Jaebeom…

And here are subbed interviews with the cast of Sungkyunkwan Scandal – this comes from a press conference that they recently had last week.

Chinese actress and Mando-pop singer Fan Bing Bing might make a Hollywood debut through Kang Je Gyu’s film “My Way,” which stars Odagiri Joe and Jang Dong Gun. The film is about an Asian soldier captured by the Japanese and turned over to the Germans during World War II. She would be costarring with Zhang Ziyi and Tang Wei (“Lust Caution”).

Does anyone remember the Spice Girls? I know they were my favorite girl group growing up – because their anthem “Wannabe” was just so catchy and full of girl power. They were a definite worldwide sensation, and so the CEO of FarWest Entertainment (who found these girls) is now going to create the “Asian Spice Girls“. Oh. My. God. These girls will serve a “bridge between the east and the west.” 25 girls will compete against each other in front of entertainment figures from around Asia. These girls come from China, Philippines, Japan, Korea, and India, and one each will form the group. A documentary will record the entire process, and they will train in Hong Kong until their debut early next year.

Sure – great – transnational identity and globalization all the way! But honestly – I just find this weird. Then again – it might take my “closed minded” mind some getting used to, since this is a great thing. I just don’t know if the idea will lend itself to success.

source: soompi, soompi 2, dramabeans, asiae


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