News Bits: 8/23/10 Edition

Lots of news over this past weekend!

First of all – I Am Legend just may get a musical version! While it’s still unconfirmed on whether it will happen or not, the musical version would work sort of like “Mamma Mia,” where the music will form the basis for the story. It’s possible that they will take the drama’s story and shorten it (I would prefer that), or to take the songs and the characters, but change the story.

Chae Jung Ahn has been added to the cast of Queen of Reversals. She will play Kim Nam Joo‘s rival at work and in love. She starts out as an underling to Kim, but I’m assuming that as time goes on, she will rise up in ranking (reminds me of Kim’s character in Queen of Housewives, except Kim’s character then didn’t rise up in the workplace hierarchy). She also dumps Jung Joon Ho’s character, and so when he goes on to marry Kim Nam Joo, sparks fly.

Jang Geun Suk just might appear in a drama as a musician – again. Since production on “You’re My Pet” has been halted, he’s got some time to squeeze in a drama. It’s likely that he’ll appear in a drama tentatively titled Mary Stayed Out All Night, which is based on a manhwa and focuses on “Mary”, who swears off dating until she meets a “dangerous” rocker boy (presumably Jang). Seriously – he should just do an album instead of singing in every drama! OK – so he only sang in You’re Beautiful and in the film “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do”, but still. This would mark his third time in a drama playing a musician (the other is Beethoven’s Virus).

Kim Ah Joong (“200 Pounds Beauty”), Huang Xiaoming (Summer’s Desire), and Eric Mabius (Ugly Betty) are starring together in a US-China joint production called “Amazing.” Unlikely cast, no? The film is a mix of sports-adventure type, and virtual reality world-type films. So… think “Space Jam” and “Gamer” with the transnational quality of “D-Wars.” To me, that sounds like one hot mess. Basketball players like Yao Ming and Magic Johnson are reported to cameo in the film as well.

Park Hyo Shin’s MV for his ATHENA ballad is out! And already I’m loving the series – it looks SO MUCH BETTER in terms of story, because not only does it deliver in the action (go Su Ae!) but also because I love Jung Woo Sung coming out of headquarters to talk to a bunch of grade schoolers as they tour the facilities. The song “I Love You” is catchy, and Kim Min Jong appears a lot in the video. Looks like the romance between Jung and Su will develop quickly – kind of like how Lee Byung Hoon and Kim Tae Hee’s progressed quickly. Yay! More time for her betrayal!

By the way – speaking of ATHENA, Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jia were seen at the SM Town concert and even met with Super Junior. But the real purpose of the “visit” was because they were filming a scene for the drama. Jung and Lee were in disguise as concert staff to protect BoA. (Guess her cameo is set in stone!) The filming crew was supposed to be as incognito as possible, so as not to disturb the concert and to keep the scene as real as possible.

Lee Soo Young (That Fool) is getting married in October! The singer-actress has been dating her boyfriend, who is an employee at a commerce company. They managed to keep their relationship under wraps until she officially announced her nuptials. Girl’s achin’ for a kid too!

The Seoul International Drama Awards will award special recognition to Chuno for its large role in spreading Korean content overseas. The drama awards recently created a new category honoring productions, producers, actors, actresses, and writers who contributed the most to the Hallyu Wave. Lee Byung Hoon will be awarded for ‘actor’, Go Hyun Jung and Han Hyo Joo will be awarded for ‘actress’, and Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Youn will be recognized for their writing in Queen Seon Deok.

source: dramabeans, asiae, allkpop


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