News Bits: 8/20/10 Edition

During a press conference for her new film “Grand Prix,” Kim Tae Hee revealed that after filming she would usually relax and not worry about how well or badly her works did. But after the success of IRIS, she is now “greedy” and more worried about how well received her future projects will be. Makes sense – once you have a taste of success, you really want it to continue. But she’s got to improve her range… She did well in IRIS but was no competition to her supporting actress Kim So Yeon.

Oooh – just a couple of weeks from its premiere, Sungkyunkwan Scandal is getting into a mini “scandal” of its own. Sungkyunkwan University – an esteemed institution – recently submitted a request for the drama to change the title because the current one “insults” the school.

Edison Chen is working hard to revive his career in Asia by starting up a clothing brand and an entertainment company. To do so, he’s supposedly enlisting the help of Lady Gaga. According to his assistant he’s met her a few times and is good friends with her, having known her “for many years.” Yeah, yeah – I think this is all talk and rumors. Whaevaaaa…. But a collaboration would serve well for him, who’s career flagged when he got involved in a sex scandal.

Coffee Prince is making its debut in Japan this month after it’s release three years ago in Korea. It’s part of Fuji TV’s “Hallyu Alpha Summer Festival.” Soooo – this weekend Gong Yoo is going to Japan to promote the drama. He’ll participate in fan meetings, the variety program “Waratte Iitomo!,” and in radio talk shows. Ah! Love him so much! But he needs to get back in a drama – PLEASE!

I haven’t heard from Kim Jeong Hoon in ages, ever since he first appeared on my radar in Goong as the mild Prince Yul. And it’s no wonder – after the drama, he worked on his Japanese music career and then went to the army in 2009. But even while in the army (he doesn’t get out until February 2011), his ninth Japanese single “Ardente” was placed in the top ten songs (at ninth place, no less) in the Oricon music charts. Wow. Keepin’ his flame alive…

source: allkpop, asianfanatics, asiae


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