News Bits: 8/19/10 Edition

Playful Kiss revealed posters AND a trailer for the drama. While the posters are so… sparkly? the trailer is immensely cute. It made me somewhat curious to watch the drama – whereas before, if I didn’t watch this drama I wouldn’t have cared less.

By the way – am rewatching Prosecutor Princess, and I realize all the little things that I missed before when I was caught up in the madness of the drama. For example, the photographer at her graduation was the same guy at the club bust; and Hye Ri totally realized that In Woo moved into the same apartments after her, because she had been to his place before after the tomato incident. I didn’t realize that the first time; I was stubborn enough to think that it was pure coincidence because I wanted it to be, and didn’t believe the “truth” until he said it himself in episode 14 or so. Sigh* I love me some In Woo goodness….

First there was Unstoppable High Kick, then there was High Kick through the Roof, and now there’s going to be a third Kick in the works. The same director of the previous two will helm this third season, but it will feature an entirely new cast. I’m skimming through season one and it’s really funny – especially since it takes a more lighthearted spin on all those relationships we know so well from K-dramas: the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship, father-son relationship, sibling rivalry, and love triangles featuring one guy, an ex, and a new girl.

Wang Lee Hom is taken! He admitted during promotions for his new film “Love in Disguise” that he had a girlfriend, but would not divulge her identity. So all the rumors of other celebrity girlfriends are getting put to rest.

Jiyeon of T-ARA is headlining the drama Jungle Fish 2, which is a drama about students in high school. The first drama came out in 2008, and this one (which premieres September 26 on KBS) will be 8 episodes long. Jiyeon will play a wealthy girl who is also in the top 3% of her class. Meanwhile, the girl group will make their comeback in October.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is enjoying immense popularity in China. It became the most-watched show in China based on online streaming sites. No surprise there – even You’re Beautiful and underdog drama Prosecutor Princess enjoyed a high popularity in China. Woohoo! I live for these fun and crazy dramas.

source: dramabeans, soompi, asianfanatics, asiae


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