My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: Episodes 1-2 – First Impressions

This drama is AWESOME! It’s too cute, too fun, too hilarious for words. I really enjoy this drama, and it’s because the Hong Sisters have managed to make it really fun and entertaining. It’s not overbearing on the emotional dramatic beats, which is one of the things I like about the Hong Sisters.

And the acting! Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah are such winners! I’m SO GLAD that they went with Shin for the role of Gu Mi Ho. I was happy when it was first confirmed, and I’m beyond ecstatic now. The Hong Sisters really have a way in making their female leads cute and fresh, without being too much of a cliche or pathetic. It’s happened in you’re Beautiful, My Girl, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, and Hong Gil Dong (in the little that I’ve seen of the last one).

First of all – I love the soundtrack. Lee Seung Gi’s insert song is so fun and peppy – and fits every scene that it is in. Plus, I love the varying moods in each song – from overly dramatic (with the Cantonese/Korean-folk fusion thing going on whenever it’s the Aunt Min Sook and the action school director’s scene), to the tense music (with the fox hunter), to the fun and peppy music (with Mi Ho and Dae Woong).

The acting is, again, on par. Lee Seung Gi does seem to over act a little, but I am really glad that he’s so different from his role in Shining Inheritance. He does have some comedic timing. He seems to take over the “clumsy, innocent girl” role with Dae Woong, which is fun because then it totally defies the usual trope of a cold-guy-bumbling-girl scenario. I also enjoy Hyo Min‘s character – first of all, she’s really cute in her role. Secondly, even though she acts more like a high schooler than a college student, I enjoy that she’s so childlike. It tells a lot about Dae Woong’s character too, because his best friends are supportive and loyal, and childlike and fun. Dae Woong has the sense to not be too pushy as a friend when he needed money, but he has a dream to be an action hero even though he’s not good at it. I also like how the aunt pretends to be oh-so refined, and yet isn’t really… it’s a different image than the one I still most associate with this actress (Yoon Yoo Sun), which is that of the Queen in Goong.

The Hong Sisters are really successful in this drama at being fascinated by the simplest things. Something like make up, which we can take for granted, is made into something worthy to be awestruck at because they really consider the position of Mi Ho. She’s fascinated by simple things, and through that fascination, it holds my attention. Even the scene when she slowly transformed into a fox while waiting for the groom was amazing – it was subtle, sad, and touching, and again, very simple. These small touches really help keep their dramas new.

They also like to defy cliches. For example, a kiss is not really a kiss – in Gumiho it’s a way to transfer the fox bead. Even in You’re Beautiful the accidental kiss ended up being Mi Nam’s way of throwing up into Tae Kyung’s mouth. The dialogue is also so rife with sexual innuendos! One thing I really hope that will happen is that the fox hunter will find and confront Mi Ho in the next two episodes. K-drama cliches usually state that this confrontation must be dragged out as long as possible. Hong Sisters usually do the opposite. I believe that even if the two meet, the Hong Sisters will find a way to give them more obstacles to face. (By the way – the fox hunter talks to himself a lot, no? And he totally rocks “the Bidam”)

One thing I noticed about the second episode was how the Hong Sisters dealt with the legend of the gumiho. They make it seem like Mi Ho is continually misunderstood by Dae Woong because of the legend, and yet she doesn’t deny anything that he says. She questions it, but doesn’t deny it – and that is the Hong Sisters’ way of not exactly going against the legend that everyone knows. I’m not saying the Hong Sisters want to go against the grain, or are want to go with the grain – so to speak – but it’s just that they keep the legend fluid enough so that it’s open to interpretation and yet uniquely their own.

Of course – then there’s the play with what is considered human and what isn’t. It’s a nice theme that doesn’t hit you on the head.

For the next episode, I’m hoping that Mi Ho just misunderstood what Dae Woong said about her not being his girlfriend. Because technically, she is a girl friend, and I think Mi Ho puts greater importance on “friend” than “girl.” So when Dae Woong said she wasn’t a girlfriend, she may have taken it to mean that she wasn’t his friend, despite all their finger touching and “Hoi Hoi.” Sooo – I hope she gets some clarification on that soon!

Definitely watch this if you haven’t already. Because honestly – it’s the most fun I’ve had in watching a drama since Prosecutor Princess.


3 thoughts on “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: Episodes 1-2 – First Impressions

  1. This drama is really awesome. It’s giving me and my son a lot of laughter.This is the only drama that my 15 yr old son (1st yr BSElectrical Engineering student) wanted to watch because he says it relaxes him from university pressures. He enjoys every scence in the drama. I think he’s a Seung Gi fanboy šŸ™‚

  2. From all the Drama(s) of Hong Sister’s I’ve watch (and by that I mean exception for Hong Gil Dong) I think this is the best one!

    I love how the romantic scene developed here, and how Dae Woong’s feeling developing from scared to pity to care and then into love. Woong~ah made some great development.

    Further more, I love they pick Lee Seung Gi to portray Dae Woong, I can’t imagine anyone else could deliver such cute immature lil boy than him. I also adore Shin Min Ah, I always see her as mature beauty (probably because all the CF(s)?) But this one made me see her through new perspectives, she is so fresh, funny, cute and innocent, an image I never dared to even imagine before. Hong Sister also put some progress in rivalry, I love how No Min Woo’s role, not too pushy but still held the importance (despite her feminine looks).

    This is the best from Hong Sister this far!

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