Cyrano Agency Releases a Trailer


Even though I don’t understand a word, I find the connection between Lee Min Jung and Daniel Choi really funny. It’s a mouth-to-mouth connection that is… probably very Hong Sisters-esque. 😀

(Trailer after the jump)

The Cyrano Agency is also a lot more high-tech than initially seemed. They really go all out in helping the guy snag the girl. And Park Shin Hye doesn’t seem to have that small of a role. She is Uhm Tae Woong’s right hand aide, and grounds him back into reality when he starts falling in love with Lee Min Jung. I like how she is so straight-laced here – very different from the cute image she portrayed in You’re Beautiful.

source: pshic, soompi


3 thoughts on “Cyrano Agency Releases a Trailer

  1. OMG! I so wish this movie is as entertaining, funny and quirky as the trailer!! And that they change the depressing ending of Cyrano’s story 😛

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