Live Update: The Last 6 Episodes of Coffee House

I’m going to try something a little different this time.

I’ve read all the spoilers and the recaps, and I know exactly what will happen from episodes 13-18 in Coffee House. But I still feel like I ought to watch it, as descriptions can never do justice to the actual show.

So I’m watching Episode 13 right now, and I will update this post continually as I watch the rest of the series. Granted, it might take me a while.

I haven’t forgotten! I am live-updating Episode 15 now! Make that: Episode 16. Marching on with Episode 17! The Last Stretch! Last Page coming on up!

Page 13

First off – in the first two minutes of the episode (02:09), we have the appearance of KDRAMA CLICHE #10 – the illegal U-turn in the middle of a road, and surprisingly there weren’t any cars coming down in the opposite direction for Jin Soo to hit into.

(There might be a reason for this madness, but as I said – this is a live update)

Edit 2 – this can easily become a very long post. OK – I will try to keep comments to a minimum. But I have to say – am LOVING Seung Yeon’s new look and professionalism. (10:20) Don’t like Eun Young’s hair cut too much.

And K-DRAMA CLICHE #4! (15:00)The whole bumping into each other but not realizing who each other are until the last minute – when the moment together has passed! ARGH! (16:05) But then they spin it all around and make it that much funnier with how Jin Soo realizes it’s Seung Yeon at the bar. OK – I forgive the writers. 😀

AAAAAAH PRICELESS! The drink-spit!!! (17:10) – when Seung Yeon uses the word “pro” like she knows all about it, and Jin Soo can’t contain his laughter and spits out his beer! YES! I have reached a conclusion (at this point) – if Boys Over Flowers can use the stupid “soulmates” and “soulmates” explanation for the girl’s relationship with both guys (sorry – am blanking on the names), then it can totally work here. Seung Yeon is Jin Soo’s “soulmate”, while Jin Soo and Eun Young are “soulmates”. Know what I mean? 😉

Edit 3 – Ugh for parallelism. Do I sound so negative towards the JS/EY pairing? I don’t mean to be. But the parallels are just… sigh* a bit too much for me (30:09). And waaah – Jin Soo is amazing. He really sticks to his word when he says he goes all the way with his pranks!! (32:00). And WTF?! Her coworkers and radio DJ publicize her lawsuit problem on the radio!?!?! How messed up (hilarious) is that?! (36:00)

AND (last ‘and’) what a perfect a-hole! He calls with all the worry and concern of a mentor over his disciple! (39:00). Me wuv Jin Soo-oppa. 😀

Edit 4 – This will be the last for Episode 13 I think. 1) DAYUMMMM I love her trying to impress with her ‘pro’ outfit. And 2) I love that Jin Soo just drives right up next to her and speeds the hell out of his car! (41:00).

Aigooo – Eun Jung/Seung Yeon is so cute when she tries to act so pro in front of Jin Soo, and yet she has to struggle a bit as she removes the napkin holder from her napkin. Too bad Jin Soo says she wasn’t always a woman to him – lol. (44:30)

OMG LOVE IT! – when Jin Soo finally fesses up that he’s the lawyer, he says, ” How dare you act like a pro when I’m not around?! Are you crazy!?” to her, but with a half-smirk on his face. It’s no longer the kind of “You’re a ridiculous secretary – are you crazy?!” but the “I can’t believe you copy me so much it’s hilarious – are you crazy!?” (48:16) As much as Seung Yeon may initially think he’s a jerk, I love that she finds his antics amusing rather than baffling and annoying.

Oooooh – the famous cliffhanger. Well- I knew it was coming, so I kinda zoned out on it. I thought the whole stairway railing as a visual obstacle was very obvious and less subtle than I had hoped (or maybe it’s because it was constantly pointed out everywhere I looked). Mmm… now that I see Eun Young’s reaction to his presence though, I can really see that she won’t be at ease marrying Ji Won; it’s the look of love for someone she deeply cares about.

Page 14

Finally watching Episode 14 – and Park Shi Yeon is looking fineeee with her curvaceous bod. Love it when a celebrity isn’t stick-thin. (2:06)

I really enjoy the quiet moment in the restaurant when he realized that everyone around him has moved on, and he hasn’t yet. It’s that perfect moment of reality setting in, and we don’t usually get that in episode 14 of an 18-episode series. It spurs him on to make the right decision (however belatedly) later on. And props to the funny writing that has him saying, “Choice number 3 – a working Korean woman I met at a bar” as one of the options for his girlfriend, because it’s TOTALLY saying Seung Yeon, and how he first met her when he returned to Korea. Maybe subconsciously he’s already plotting to have her pretend to be his girl?! (16:40).

Edit 2: Yay! When Jin Soo greets Seung Yeon at his writer studio, it’s not one of those fake polite smiles! He makes fun of her, and then smiles more genuinely! Yay – improvement! (22:37)

OK – this is priceless!: (It makes me want to root for this couple)

Edit 3: LOL – why does Jin Soo seriously have the best lines? To Seung Yeon: “It’s like you stopped being a lady halfway. Like a soft-boiled rather than a hard-boiled egg?” (31:59). There should just be a blog full of Jin Soo-isms. And then he says (in regards to Seung Yeon’s new clothes that he bought her), “Hmm, it looked really nice when it was on a mannequin.” (He looked SO disappointed too!)

Edit 4 (and conclusion): I have a few things to say about this episode: 1) I love Ji Won – he stole the episode for me. He was genuinely happy, with both Eun Young and Jin Soo’s new relationship with Seung Yeon. I don’t think it’s worth to be so angsty, but rather to go for what makes you happy. And Ji Won really did achieve that. 2) I appreciated that they made Seung Yeon smarter than you’d think. She may not know exactly what is going on with Eun Young and Jin Soo, but she doesn’t ignore her gut feeling. Though she’s still that young girl who is cute when reacting to a crush, she’s not going to let her feelings get in the way of what she knows in her head. I think that’s where her coping mechanisms in regards to her mother’s death comes in – she separates her emotions and her rationalizations, and though it can sometimes be a bad thing, in this case it’s a good thing.

I don’t like how it ended (although I’m amazed that I’m not sick of the soundtrack yet, since they keep using the same songs and transitioned into 3 different songs during the entire conversation between Jin Soo and Eun Young). I didn’t like the ending when I first read about it, and seeing it now just reinforces it. I think it added unnecessary angst and frustration because Eun Young was riffing on him for lying all the time, and yet she tells him to lie in the end. What the hell do you want, girl!? I can get that she’s indecisive about what is best for her (since I’m sure she’d prefer the safer route), but can you please believe in what you say? If you don’t like his lies, then don’t encourage them! I don’t hate that Jin Soo had a very roundabout way of admitting his true feelings, because he is a writer who is good with words, and I don’t doubt that he would have admitted the truth if she asked for it. I am more annoyed with Eun Young.

Then again – you could say that Eun Young told him to lie because she is also a businesswoman and his former publisher – she knows what is best for his image, and at that moment during the radio interview, it would benefit him best to lie about why he came back to Korea. So she was answering the multiple choice question in the context of the radio interview, and not in context of her true feelings (which was the actual context that Jin Soo was asking in!).

Page 15

Hola! And so – first thing I have to say about this ep: when the DJ asked jokingly if Jin Soo was actually back in Korea for his own wedding, Eun Young had this look of amusement. I interpreted as this: “Heh – wouldn’t it be funny if it were for his wedding, and he had proposed to me…? I mean! – well, he is “engaged” to Seung Yeon…” (2:08) And wow – first time I see Jin Soo express REAL pain and sadness. I don’t think I’ve seen him look so in despair (3:07) – and yes, it’s all in the hands…

Also – honestly, I’m getting sick of the whole split screen thing. Too much split screens of Jin Soo and Eun Young to show how sad they are. I already know they’re sad – so I’d rather see a split screen show something new, something I don’t know. I don’t care to see JS/EY looking sad at the same time, but if one was happy while the other was sad… then that would be something worthwhile.

Edit 2: Why does Ji Won never fail to cheer me up!? (6:39) From his crazy moves to his “signature” moves that everyone has to copy.

Also – I am so glad for the Seung Yeon and Jin Soo interactions – they’re so amusing and I love to see how he picks on her for taking on too many of his characteristics. Seung Yeon is so cute – and so honest about her happiness when he agrees that even the coldest-hearted of men couldn’t help but smile (yes, I mean Jin Soo).

And they are sooo under-utilizing Chil Sook (I mean, Ahn Kil Kang)! He’s so funny being bright and dorky, which is a polar opposite to his stoic and cruel character in Queen Seon Deok. When he says, “I’ve made contact!” he sounds like he just had a close encounter of the (pretty) third kind. (12:00)

Seung Yeon masters the "Jin Soo-forced smile"

Edit 3: Hm. So this is something I thought of as I watched the episode, knowing full well how the series ended. For me, the episodes fluctuating between Seung Yeon-Jin Soo, and Eun Young-Jin Soo are more fun for me. I think that Jin Soo being able to achieve a level of closeness with both ladies is more relatable and more fun to watch. I could go on watching the series like this, with neither pairing being resolved. But the bathroom scene (29:30) also proves that Jin Soo and Eun Young have this special understanding (when they made a joke about whether they should give a chamber pot or vase to Ji Won’s father). In this scene, one can really see that Jin Soo has become a better person.

This also means that I realized how rushed the drama was in the last episode. The pacing has been even so far and it always moved along, but I think episode 18 may have hurried up in finishing all the storylines. I think that’s how I’m going to feel when I get there, but I don’t know – I’m three episodes away!

Edit 4: This drama needs more drunken Seung Yeon. Seriously.  (40:00)

And more karaoke scenes. (44:23) (OK – too many gifs but the sunbaes are too funny.) I have come to one conclusion – if Seung Yeon and Jin Soo were a couple, it would be very fun and lively. (But that doesn’t mean they’re meant for each other in a lovers kind of way.) Second conclusion: UGH – I feel so bad for Ji Won! (49:40)

Highlights of this episode: 1) Seung Yeon and Jin Soo interactions. 2) Karaoke scene. 3) Final scene. And HERE – this is where the split screen is more effective, because at the exact same time we see both of their smiles turn to frown/horror.

Page 16

Heeeee. So it starts off like a totally new drama because it doesn’t pick up from where we left off; rather, it’s done in flashback and I LOVE that even though Seung Yeon doesn’t say what she did exactly twice, Jin Soo immediately knows what she’s talking about and corrects her. If I were him, I would make it more torturous and say, “Doing what twice?” (00:58).

Oh sweetie – running away from the phone isn’t going to make the problems disappear. But it sure makes you cute for trying to do so! (when Jin Soo calls [2:05]) And your brother is one hell of a dimwit! Although if I had a tasty fried chicken at hand, I wouldn’t care so much about my sister’s problems.

This episode is proving to be too cute for words. Isn’t it interesting that now there’s a computer on Jin Soo’s desk? When he used to do everything by pencil and paper… is it just me or was that computer new?! (As in, two years in the future new) (6:02)

Edit 2: Honestly, a JS/SY pairing and a JW/EY pairing isn’t really the ideal scenario, but it parallels each other so well, and I almost hope that it could be true. SY and JW would provide the laughs and amusement in the relationship, while JS and EY are the sobering influences. Since JS and EY are so alike, then yes – that’s probably why they should be together. But opposites can attract, can’t they? If JS and EY didn’t know each other, they might not be in emotionally fulfilling relationships, but they’d probably be happy nevertheless.

Edit 3: BEST. SCENE. EVAAAA! (I really only laugh hard in this series if it’s a Seung Yeon-Jin Soo scene, or Ji Won is up to something dorky) I love how she gets so pissed off that he’s even checking her out as he screams! (9:00) *Off to watch again!* He’s so stupid- he acts like he was never married and never saw a girl naked! Then again – he doesn’t see Seung Yeon as a girl/woman sooooo….

Confession scene was awesome, but I loved the granny when she asked earnestly if Seung Yeon was going to eat at home, only to hang up and be disappointed that she really was going to eat at home. (20:11)

And AGAIN! with the small moments! Jin Soo teases her about the drunken kisses and she petulantly leans her head against the window that it makes a *thunk* sound. (25:30)

Edit 4: Aww – the birthday scene was so happy and goofy, but I also see the cracks in the EY/JW relationship. Eun Young doesn’t mind doing corny stuff for Ji Won, but she gets easily embarrassed if Ji Won is doing something corny to her in front of everyone. While she enjoyed the little dance, she’s still uncomfortable and so she’s never truly at ease with Ji Won. To the outside, she seems really happy with the relationship, and that’s probably what Jin Soo saw and misunderstood. (31:40)

Hm. Interesting how differently Ji Won and Eun Young interpreted Jin Soo’s birthday speech compared to Seung Yeon. JW/EY saw the speech as Jin Soo understanding that Ji Won wants to protect his new life, and that Jin Soo was letting go of Eun Young for her happiness. Seung Yeon heard the speech thinking that Jin Soo had that goal for himself as well. Her thinking seems to be more correct, and that’s why her words have a greater impact; deep inside Jin Soo probably feels the same way too, but on the outside he’s saying those words in reaction to the little talk he had with Ji Won. I think her sense of thinking has always hit home harder than Ji Won and Eun Young’s, and that’s why Seung Yeon is the only one who has been making Jin Soo change.

And this time, Seung Yeon holds the phone to her ear long after Jin Soo hangs up, similar to how Eun Young held on to that connection two years ago. (51:18)

Last Comments: Best use of split screens ever. The one with two Seung Yeon’s would have been better if the second one had more action in it (perhaps she turns around dejectedly, or reacted a little more), because the first one is so clearly the “correct” reaction. As for Eun Young and Ji Won, there’s too much pain when it comes to them that by the time it was the end of the episode I didn’t enjoy seeing them onscreen anymore.

In hind sight, when I think about the birthday scene and how quickly Jin Soo left after the speech, it looks like he’s trying to avoid the situation and does not want to be in that room any longer. But I wonder – was Jin Soo thinking about that, or was he rushing out so that he could get Seung Yeon a present before her birthday officially ended? And so at the radio station, was his priority to protect his love for Eun Young? or to protect Seung Yeon’s trust in him? I think it’s the latter, based on how he smiled at Seung Yeon, but again – I really wonder what he’s thinking.

If they tied up the Eun Young and Ji Won storyline in this episode – perhaps having Eun Young say that she can’t marry Ji Won out of guilt or something – I would have been happy with the series ending at 16. I wanted an open-ending for Coffee House, and even with the last scene at the radio station I would have interpreted it as Jin Soo going after Eun Young and that he would end up with her. Maybe a scene of him walking towards her after the radio broadcast and she smiling back at him would have been nice.

Page 17

Oohoo – didn’t think I’d forget didja? Sorry – busy juggling dramas right now. But ANYWAYS! How frustrating is it for Ji Won that Jin Soo won’t tell him straight about what he wants to protect? And how hard must it be for him to continue that fake cheer with Eun Young? (4:38)

Jin Soo is really pushing hard and making his case for her. He’s so obvious! (10:28) And he has a little smile of hope! And she turns him down..?! One thing I definitely like is how they portray their relationship so maturely. It’s not the cliched push and pull of other One True Pairings.

(13:53) AHHH JIN SOO IS SO HEROIC!!! “If you ever feel that you won’t be happy in the future, whenever it is, tell me… I’ll find a solution for you.”

Edit 2: I love how the focus for Seung Yeon is her goal to become a writer, and her current “love” is working on her novel. (16:29) She may have a crush on Jin Soo, but I think in a larger sense she’s more interested in her work. Plus, sneaking into her bro’s room while he’s sleeping and waking him up by dropping something is something I’ve TOTALLY done before. 😀

UH OHHHH – Eun Young gettin’ the jitters?! (19:57) But it’s nice to see that the first person she calls is Ji Won. It’s a bit touching, because it makes me believe that she DOES love Ji Won at some level. I wish Ji Won did call her back though… (21:38)

HAHAHA – the bro is so funny – the noodle’s been half way in his mouth for so long! Is he THAT shocked that his dad is dating? Maybe, perhaps… he can’t believe his dad’s got skills that he doesn’t!? 😛 (22:43) Ah – it turns out he’s just protective of his mom’s memory. Ah, it’s so cute…

Edit 3: OMG FINALLY – Dong Wook confronts her about her feelings for him. He totally needed a wake up call. Although I’m sad that she broke his heart, I’m really glad that she was honest with him. And besides, I still think she has a crush and admiration for him, instead of really being IN LOVE with him. Go Dong Wook for being persistent nevertheless! (27:20)

UGH – why must Eun Young be so cold when Ji Won is so sweet and lovey dovey with her!? She may end up being his trophy wife, but he will sure be kissing and loving that “trophy” every day! I really feel bad for him… (29:30)

OK – if you are going to go through your memories of all the moments you’ve had with Jin Soo, don’t you think that’s a BIG CLUE right there about where your feelings lie? (34:53) And I just realized – it’s a nice touch of parallelism where in the past, his tears for his ex-wife fell on her hand, and then her tears as she signed the termination contract fell on his hand…

By the way – I think there should be an award at the SBS Drama Awards for Best Kiss. Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon versus Park Shi Yeon and Kang Ji Hwan.

(37:31) What is UP with that pose!?!?!?!?! hahaha! That shot just cheered me right up. And um, not everything is because of Jin Soo. (41:47) After the two year jump, everything is sort of Eun Young’s fault, because he’s already admitted his feelings. You’re just unwilling to accept them!

Or perhaps I’m just being highly biased and tired of her blaming Jin Soo for everything… 😛

Edit 4: I love the relationship between Seung Yeon and Jin Soo. It’s very healthy for Jin Soo in that the two of them can criticize each other freely, and the other will learn from it. That book full of corrections – for me it is somewhat representative of their connection. They’re both guiding each other; while Jin Soo may be correcting her mistakes on a professional level, she also inspires him and moves something within him that compels him to want to help her, and also compels him to make changes in his life (i.e. go for Eun Young). (48:00) I even find it interesting that he constantly needs validation from Seung Yeon that he is someone to be respected. Why does he need that validation, when he’s got someone who loves him in Eun Young? Because honestly, no matter what Eun Young says, she clearly loves him. That’s why she called him so many names!

Here’s all I have to say about the ending sequence:

1. Lee Jin Soo’s smile-turned-into-fighter-face was hilarious. They even made his voice go all “NOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAWWRRRRRRR” as he ran towards President Yoon.

2. He was totally planning this for the longest time. I wonder if it was since he found out she was getting married when he saw the invites.

Last Page

I’m finally at the end! Honestly, I did forget about it a little bit because I was caught up with I Am Legend and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. But anyways! I gotta say – never saw Dong Wook have such a large role until the last two episodes. As for Ji Won and Eun Young – I hate it that Ji Won’s face totally knows the real reason why Jin Soo ruined the wedding. (2:20)

Edit 2: OMG – best grandmother evaaa! I love how the grandmother slyly tells her son to bring over the laundry lady that he’s sorta been seeing, just because she doesn’t want to take care of him anymore. (6:30) And then Jin Soo spills all this crap about wanting Seung Yeon’s respect at the jail? LOL – what an actor, just because he wants Eun Young there more than Seung Yeon, so he tries to trick Seung Yeon into giving him the Galapagos Island idea. (8:21) So pathetic – so funny but so pathetic, because he’s continually testing her.

WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA – CONFESSION TIME!!!! OMG IT WAS ROMANTIC! WOW. Despite it getting spoiled long ago – watching it this time was just – OH MY GOD. Because honestly – this goes along with everything he’s always said with Seung Yeon – if you plan for anything, plan it all the way and go through with it all the way. Clearly he spent a while planning this – which makes me wonder when he started it. Because if he started planning for this whole incident when he found out about her marriage, or a little after, then he must have acted really fast. And then the way he said “I love you” was so – sighhhh* – why? Because of how his voice cracked with emotion just that bit and you felt it was so real. (17:00) And then WTF? The lawyer popped in for a second and then walked back out?! HaHAHAHA

Edit 3: Ha! Poor bro. (24:58) Totally suckered in by the cute kid! LOL – they’ll totally get along. And I’m glad Eun Young and Ji Won had an honest conversation – and I feel SO BAD for him when he said “We’re even.” He’s so good at controlling his crying. (26:49)


Edit 4: Ok – the moment Jin Soo walked into the cafe – if I were Seung Yeon I would have run to him crying in relief to see him out of prison. In a totally non-romantic way. (32:56) AWWWW – she puts it in HIS CUP. And I love that she reminisces the first time they met. (34:22) AND HE DIDN’T SPIT IT OUT!!! Oh – but it doesn’t mean it’s good. Awwww…. Oh I love how Seung Yeon just said – “Congratulations” to the “life contract” because in the simplest way possible, it shows that she knows they’ll get married. (35:40) It’s great that she didn’t have to explain herself – she just said her senses got better. It’s so understated it’s good. THIS is what I like dramas to do – because it doesn’t insult an audience’s intelligence. We know, and they know we know, and so they don’t need to explain any further. The relationships and the groundwork has all been set up from long ago that you KNOW exactly what they mean – the drama can use shorthand with us. And honestly – Eun Jung’s crying is soo good, raw, and heartbreaking. Reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye when she cried in Goong. I wonder if they made that her last day of filming….

HAHAHAHAH – “How could you cry for an hour?” (38:20)

BWAHAHAHAHAHA – (after he gives the ticket) “How about it? Do you respect me?” (39:40) You know what? This is a nice compromise – instead of him begging for her to be his secretary because she’s so “pro” (like she swore he would by the end of the series), he’s begging her to respect him. And I think I like that request better.

(40:34) And aww… they flash right back to the scene I was thinking of…when she was saying she could be a pro… AWWW – HE SAID IT – SHE IS THE BEST IN HISTORY. (40:46)

HAHAHA – SO CUTE – she slaps his arm when he picks up her bra. HAHAHA (46:36)

Wow – what is up with Ji Won and girls who can speak English too? At least his English is good. (51:00)

HA! Tricked out Segways eh? (56:10)

Overall Comments:

Satisfied. Although I wish the montages of pages didn’t focus solely on Eun Young and Jin Soo. I think I did my ranting and accolades enough throughout this long post.

Rating: 9/10


At the end of the episode – there was a sing off at the karaoke between Seung Yeon and Jin Soo!?!?!?!?! WAAAAAHHHHHH! Christmas came early. 😀 And it had to be “Heartbeat” by 2PM no less.

That’s all folks!


2 thoughts on “Live Update: The Last 6 Episodes of Coffee House

  1. There’s no way you’re comparing the two kisses without me hating you silently for 10 seconds. NO WAY.

    10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

    Ok, I don’t hate you anymore (LOL), but kiddo, the winner is obviously PP’s kiss. No, I’m not biased. Really 😛

    • LOL oh aberdeen :DDD

      i’m not comparing per se, but i’m pretty sure if there was a best kiss award, it’d be between the two for 1) passion, 2) intensity, and 3) hotness factor!!!!!!!!!


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