News Bits: 8/12/10 Edition

OK, ATHENA is starting to sound more and more like a show where the producers are going, “So, how many more stars can we fit into this vehicle?” With it’s big-name cast and plenty of foreign locales, now they need another target for kidnapping just because… well, just because.

First the good guys have to protect the president’s daughter. Now it looks like Jung Woo Sung will be BoA‘s bodyguard to make sure she doesn’t get kidnapped before her concert because, you know, she’s a big-name female singer. The baddies in ATHENA would totally love to get their hands on her, if only to make her teach them how to dance to “Hurricane Venus.”

This may just be a rumor… or not…

Lee Byung Hoon stated during a press conference for his new Korean film “I Saw the Devil” that he’ll begin shooting “G.I. Joe 2” next year.

“We were supposed to go into shoot around winter of this year but I had heard it would be delayed to summer of next year over problems with the scenario. But then I heard that the scenario is done so I think we’ll start early next year but I’m not sure about this either.”

HA! I am sure there were problems with the scenario. If they hope to make a better blockbuster movie, they better be fixing the scenario! ‘Cause honestly, there was nothing good story-wise in the first one.

Now on to Playful KissLee Tae Sung’s photo shoot with the band Annyong Bada in the background proved that it’s all about the hair. Gosh, are they trying to bring back “Grease”? It’s no wonder Jung So Min wants Kim Hyun Joong! No really – if I had a guy pursuing me but was always combing his hair back in a slick fashion, I’d be like, “Dude, seriously? I have to be more high maintenance than you!”

Even though Rain got his enlistment notice already from the government, he might be able to postpone it a little longer… and star in a movie remake. Since he’s currently getting his master’s degree, he can postpone his mandatory duties. Since he has a postponement, he can participate in a remake of the 1960s film “Red Scarf” as the main character. The film – of course – takes place during the war. (Safe to say, everything that’s coming out this year that’s MAJOR is going to be about the war.)

source: popseoul, asiae, soompi, allkpop


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