News Bits: 8/11/10 Edition

Bad Guy just ended, and judging from the recap, it ended badly. I laugh. I can only laugh.

On to other things though, Baker King Kim Tak Goo isn’t getting the extension that it considered on getting. The producers decided to pass on the offer and keep the series at 30 episodes. Apparently the drama was supposedly set for 50 episodes, but they shortened it to 30m and that’s why the drama is so fast paced and concise (which is a good thing). The two young stars, Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Young Ah, showed off some of their baking skills – as in, their real baking skills – and it goes to show that the people who actually make the food on that show are mighty (faceless) talents. (By the way, Lee Young Ah is holding up a cake with her name written on it with cream.)

Now – some Dr. Champ news! Sort of… Kim So Yeon and Jung Gyu Won were on the cover of “Fashion Insight” magazine. Looking pretty, no? I don’t like her pants, but it’s a better outfit than her over the top frilliness in Prosecutor Princess. Anyways – do they make a good pair, or do you prefer her with Uhm Tae Woong?

“Cyrano Dating Agency” released more photo stills and a new poster (which I like better than the “secret agents” one). Woohoo! I wish this film would be released in the States. I am praying this film does not end up in the hands of Roy Lee and gets remade into a stupid Hollywood movie. Then again, Hollywood sorta had it with “Hitch” – but then again, not really… It doesn’t have the story of a dating expert falling in love with his client’s target.

Utada Hikaru is going on indefinite hiatus from her music career. (A little part of me weeps.) She doesn’t know how long she’s going to step away from the music scene, having been in the industry since she was 15. She’s the one who sang “Kiss & Cry,” “First Love,” and “Flavor of Life” – the last song being used in Hana Yori Dango 2.

source: allkpop, soompi, dramabeans, asianfanatics


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