News Bits: 8/9/10 Edition

Ah – to be rich and successful…

Lee Min Ho recently went on vacation with his family to the Maldives, and uploaded a few of those pictures on his Twitter. I’m not too sure how long he went, but he said he came back after this rare jaunt fully rested.

Lucky guy. And to be so photogenic too.

Ga In revealed that her pretend marriage to Jo Kwon on the show “We Got Married” has made her feel more like she is dating Jo Kwon in real life. She reportedly said:

“Now that I’ve tried make-believe marriage, I get the feeling that dating is childish. Marriage is about true love…The truth is even though my ideal guy is someone like my dad whom I can depend on, after trying out this make-believe marriage, I found myself depending a lot on Jo Kwon. It seems that the age difference is not important at all.”

Words of wisdom. They kinda look alike too, and you know how they say that couples who are well-matched (end up) look(ing) alike.

Baby V.O.X had a mini reunion during a performance of Lee Hee Jin in the musical “Aeja.” They arranged to attend the matinee showing on August 8th and cheered for Lee backstage. They’re also going to reunite and perform together on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate next week. (I wonder if Kim Jung Eun is still hosting that or if she has a guest host as she films I am Legend.) It will be four years since they last performed together. I miss this group (if only mostly for Yoon Eun Hye) and Baby V.O.X. Re.V didn’t have too much of a success. I don’t hear about them much at least…

Lee Seung Gi revealed some interesting tidbits about himself as an actor during a press interview for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. First, in regards to the script, he calls it “perfect” and includes action, romantic comedy, and melodrama in one. Though it will be going up against stiff competition in the form of Baker King Kim Tak Goo, he says that because of the good script and a great working vibe with the cast and crew, Lee is no longer afraid of getting squashed by the competition. (I am predicting a strong start, but in no way beating Baker King until that drama ends.) He also said that he hopes in the future he won’t be the sole male protagonist in a drama, since he believes in teamwork. What a team player this guy is – makes me love him more!

Finally, Lee also mentioned that in variety shows, he never acts. He tries to remain as real as possible, especially on the show One Night and Two Days, because “if (he acts) on the program, (he) could ruin the reality of the program.” He also said that acting comedy and being on a comedy variety show is very different.

source: asiae, asianfanatics, allkpop, kbs global


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