News Bits: 8/3/10 Edition

Aww – isn’t this cute? Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah appeared in variety show “Strong Heart” to help promote My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Aiii! I really can’t wait for this drama to air!

In other casting news though, producers are still looking for someone to replace Park Yong Ha in the drama Tian Mi Mi or Comrades, a Love Story. They are looking for someone who is a close colleague to Park as a way to pay some homage to him; they also believe that only a close colleague would be best suited for the role. That leaves Won Bin, So Ji Sub, and Ryu Si Won as top contenders. Though So Ji Sub is like a real brother no doubt, he’s already in Road No. 1 and I think one more drama would lead to overexposure in a bad way. (After all, Road No. 1 isn’t a ratings hit either.) I’d really like Won Bin to be cast, but they can always pull something like the movie “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus,” where Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell took over Heath Ledger’s role after Ledger’s premature death. Yoon Eun Hye is still signed on for the drama.

A new movie adaptation of Murasaki Shikibu‘s “Tale of Genji” is going to star Ikuta Toma (Hana Kimi) as the lead character Hikaru Genji. It is supposedly set with a budget of 1 billion yen and will be released in 2011. It looks to me that this role is one of those meaty roles for actors, so it’s impressive that Ikuta got the role.

Mel Gibson may be going down infamously in the news for his random antics, but at least his film “What Women Want” is going to be remade in China – and it’s going to star Andy Lau and Gong Li no less. The film has been amended for current topics and issues more relevant to Asian audiences, but it attracted a lot of attention because it’s Andy Lau being the suave, charismatic, lady-killer. And now with Chinese legend Gong Li – this is a Big. Thing.

The new drama What’s Up has been in the backburner in terms of news because there’s nothing much to report – all is well. The drama stars Daesung, Im Joo Hwan, and Im Joo Eun (I like the cast!) and will feature ten new faces (seen below) who all got cast based on their auditions. Though it’s still on the down-low, people are interested to see if everyone who’s in it will be propelled into instant fame and lucrative careers like the original KAIST did for Chae Rim, Lee Eun Joo, Kim Min Jung, Lee Na Young, and Ji Sung.

The ratings for I Am Legend’s first episode came out strong – they got 11.6% nationwide, 12.4% in Seoul according to TNS ratings.

And OMG – Kim Seung Woo has agreed to appear in ATHENA! He’s going to reprise his role as Chul Young, and will probably be the exposition factor in the series as he reveals secrets about IRIS. They’re also in talks with Kim So Yeon to see if she’ll reprise her role as well.

And WHOA – BoA is going to make a Hollywood debut next year, as the female lead of a dance movie. (Again – what is up with dancing and Asians? First Mike in Glee, now Jaebeom in “Hype Nation,” and now this!?) Shooting will begin early next year in New York (woohoo!) and the film will be written and directed by Duane Adler, who did “Step Up” and “Save the Last Dance.”

source: soompi, seoulbeats, asianfanatics, dramabeans, asiae


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