I Am Legend Press Conference

I am putting up waaaay too many photos right now. 😀 These photos come from the press conference for I Am Legend. The drama already started airing (although in US time, it hasn’t yet), but it’s only releasing the press conference photos. Once I get snippets of the interview, I’ll add them here.

I get that they’re going for the rocker-edgy look, which works on Kim Jung Eun. Hong Ji Min’s dress is a little too stylish for “edgy,” and Jyu Ni totally dresses her age (but doesn’t pull off knee-high stockings too well). Jang Shin Young is the only one I really like – rocker vibe with class. As for Lee Joon Hyuk – he is HOT. I like that T-shirt/suit ensemble he’s got going on.

Meet the gals… Kim Jung Eun, Jang Shin Young, Hong Ji Min, and Hyun Jyu Ni

And now the boys… Lee Joon Hyuk and Kim Seung Soo:

source: soompi


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