Daniel Henney is One Interactive Celebrity

This fella definitely knows how to treat and interact with his fans.

Earlier in the summer Team D – people who manage his Twitter and Facebook accounts – announced a contest for the fans where they had to photoshop Daniel Henney’s face onto any picture or poster they want to see him in. The winner was the person who photoshopped his face onto Severus Snape’s body in the “Harry Potter” films (and it’s a mighty good photo too).

Now there’s a new contest!

In this second contest, titled “Traveling Daniel,” fans can print out a cut-out version of Daniel Henney, and then go do what they love the most – their favorite activity, their favorite place, their favorite food, their favorite experience – as long as Daniel-Henney-cut-out is also in the picture. People can post up 5 pictures with a detailed description, and it must show the natural environment as though they are bringing him on a tour. (I guess he’s trying to live vicariously as he bums around in Japan.) People have until August 7 for submissions.

His Facebook page and Twitter have more details.

I can’t wait to see who wins.

source: seoulbeats


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