News Bits: 8/31/10 Edition

It is the end of the month! Bye bye August, bye bye summer!

And to end the summer – Lee Byung Hoon‘s entertainment company just announced that he will NOT be starring in IRIS 2. That doesn’t mean ATHENA, by the way, in case anyone’s confused. (Who’s confused? I’m not confused!)

So not only is he not appearing in the spin-off, but he’s not appearing in the sequel (which is slated to air in 2011). Can we then assume that his character [SPOILER] is dead [END SPOILER]? If so, oh mighty gods I rejoice!!!!!! Call me mean, but seriously – I’d be glad if that were the case.

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With cameo appearances from Park Shin Hye and UEE to start, and news that Jang Geun Suk‘s schedule is freeing up for a new drama, rumors are hitting full force that the entire A.N.Jell band will cameo in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! I want to refrain from saying it’s confirmed (even though some news sources are reporting it as so) because they still have to work out the schedules of all the band members, plus the news is making me so happy and giddy with glee that I would be crushed if it ended up not going through. It would be the BEST THING EVAAAA if it could happen. šŸ˜€

If it just ends up being Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk – that would be cool too – as long as the two of them are together as a coupling and Tae Kyung gets jealous when Lee Seung Gi is affectionate towards Park, or if Go Mi Nam is jealous that Lee Seung Gi is overly affectionate with Shin Min Ah – because then:

Mi Nam: Hyung-nim! Why aren’t you like that with me!?

Tae Kyung: What are you talking about? You should be grateful I let you be my number one fan before anyone else!

source: nate news, soompi

Fahrenheit’s New Single

Fahrenheit – or 飛č¼Ŗęµ· (Feilunhai) – released their new single “Super Hot” (å¤Ŗē†±) and an MV. I love these guys – especially Wu Zun – and this is their first album after last year’s “č¶Šä¾†č¶Šę„›”. Their album cover is definitely cheesy looking, and their music video is simple – but I like the song šŸ˜€

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News Bits: 8/27/10 Edition

T.O.P. and Lee Mi Sook in a photoshoot together?! And a sexy one at that – it blows my mind how young Lee Mi Sook looks – even though she’s fifty. And T.O.P. really pulls off the whole young boy-toy look with sincerity; the photo spread doesn’t look too jokey and too ridiculous.

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News Bits: 8/26/10 Edition

Ariel Lin revealed to the press that she’s dating someone. Now that’s something you don’t admit everyday. She won’t reveal his identity but only says that he is a “big help to her acting and singing career.” Money on the manager? Anyone?

She was actually attending a press conference for Taiwan Organ Registry and Sharing Center, of which she is an ambassador.

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Long Teaser Trailer for Playful Kiss

This video merits a post all to its own (instead of being stuck in one of my ‘News Bits’). It’s so awesome that I think I’ll really watch this series. Like – REALLY watch it. There’s so many funny moments (thanks to Jung So Min‘s acting) and I’m convinced that Kim Hyun Joong – given the right role – can help carry this drama.

The real teaser trailer starts around 0:55.

UPDATE: Another teaser trailer after the jump.

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News Bits: 8/25/10 Edition

Jung Il Woo and Uhm Tae Woong will both be holding fan meetings. Jung will have his in Seoul next month on his birthday, and then a Japanese fan meeting in November. Uhm will have his this weekend in Osaka, Japan. Don’t the two of them look so fine?!

It’s been rumored – or confirmed, depending on how much you want to believe the sources – that UEE and Park Shin Hye are going to cameo in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Both appeared previously in You’re Beautiful. The episodes that they’re going to appear in is supposed to be this week’s (tonight’s and tomorrow’s). Let’s wait and see!

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Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon ā€“ the DVD Interviews

I did not get a Prosecutor Princess Director’s Cut DVD. šŸ˜¦

But! Thanks to sweet ccandrea at soompi, who posted up Chinese translations of interviews with Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon, we all get a chance to see what they said!

The following is just a summary of the entire interview, as I am too embarrassed to put up my translation. But if you want to read the entire interview in Chinese, click here, and if you want to read the full translated transcript (albeit with flaws), click here.

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Runaway Press Conference in Macau

The cast of Runaway had a small press conference in Macau, and here are some pictures from the event. They’ve already shot in Japan and China, and the next stop is Philippines.

I am so not loving Lee Na Young‘s dress. With her pale face and the glaring lights from the photographers, mixed with her high-neck dark lace dress, she looks so Gothic that it’s not very flattering on her.

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