News Bits: 7/31/10 Edition

It’s the end of July!

Prosecutor Princess also released it’s Director’s Cut DVD! It’s a pretty package with plenty of goodies (all thanks to fervent fans who insisted on getting a few more hours with their precious Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo). I didn’t get one, as I had blown all my money on a You’re Beautiful DVD set, but boy am I jealous… I would love some more Park Shi Hoo. The extras include behind the scenes, NG’s, cast and crew interviews, and other stuff – but it’s not subtitled. Only the drama is subtitled. (Time to brush up your Korean!) Unlike You’re Beautiful, it seems that you can still order this special edition DVD (whereas the former had to be ordered by a certain time period).

Gloria starring Bae Doo Na, Lee Chun Hee, and Seo Ji Suk already started airing this Saturday, and it started off with 8.0% ratings (according to AGB ratings). It’s a bit low, but this drama has 50 episodes to gain traction. Some photos also feature Bae Doo Na selling some goods on the street, and cute Pa Rang from Wish Upon a Star (otherwise known as Chun Bo Geun ’cause…that’s his real name…) is there! He plays Lee Chun Hee’s nephew.

Big Bang performed earlier today (our time) in Music Fair in Japan their new song “Beautiful Hangover,” which is their 5th Japanese single. I cannot lie – the entire time I was just looking at T.O.P. and not really paying attention to anyone else.

12,000 fans from all over Asia came to see 2PM perform in their first concert (“Don’t Stop Can’t Stop”) in Seoul Olympic Park Arena. They will hold another concert on August 1, 7, and 8. The last two dates will be in Busan. To check out the pictures, click here.

In another war movie, Jung Ryeo Won (My Lovely Sam Soon and Princess Ja Myung Go) is filming a romantic war epic with Kim Joo Hyuk (Terroir) called “Sleeping with the Enemy.” If you can’t figure out what the plot of the movie is from the title, then… I can’t help you…

Kidding! OK – just in case you really couldn’t figure it out – Jung plays a country girl who falls in love with Kim’s North Korean soldier as he comes upon her village. Check out the stills here.

source: seoulbeats, shirley and sayroo @soompi, allkpop, dramabeans


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