News Bits: 7/30/10

Lovely Jang Geun Suk posed for famous Korean photographer Jo Se Hyun to be part of a photo exhibition titled “Beautiful Eyes.” The idea behind the exhibition was “a person’s story is told with their eyes and that a person will look beautiful if he/she has a beautiful gaze.” Jang was featured alongside Park Ye Jin (Queen Seon Deok), Bae Jong Ok (The World They Live In, On Air), and Jang Mi Hee (Prince’s First Love) and other celebrities. Proceeds from the event will go to World Vision. I love seeing him more natural than all made up for his roles.

Gong Yoo fix!!! He’s in a CF for LG’s new Optimus Z phone with f(x)’s Sulli.

Hangeng of Super Junior recently revealed in an interview that he left the group because of “collaboration issues and pride.” Though he’s thankful to SM Entertainment for all the training they gave him, he wants to start anew as a soloist. I guess it was too difficult to be in a group that large. With more people, more problems can arise within. Either way – he’s doing well on his own.

Another casting addition to Dr. Champ! Jung Seok Won (who last played Lee Seung Gi’s buddy in Shining Inheritance) joined the cast as a judo athlete who’s one of the best in his sport and a rival to Jung Gyu Woon. He was also a former stuntman; no doubles will be needed for him then!

Update on I Am LegendKim Jung Eun starts off the evening all nice and pretty for a formal party, playing every inch of a perfect wife. She ends the night with a fight with some drunk men in a nightclub and ends up behind bars.


I didn’t hear about this movie “Quiz King” until I saw it on dramabeans, but the trailer is hilarious! Well – the first part of it. (The rest was just quick snippets and dialogue I didn’t understand). The film stars Han Jae Seok, Kim Su Ro, Ryu Seung Ryong, Jang Young Nam, Shim Eun Kyung, and cameos from Jung Jae Young, Im Won Hee, and Shin Ha Kyun (by the way – loving him in Harvest Villa!)

Here is dramabeans’ summary of the trailer:

In the trailer below, the cast is sitting in the police station when Im Won-hee’s character provides all the right answers, freaking the others out until the punchline that it’s a rerun. Somehow the group finds out the last answer in the quiz and decides to a mad scheme to win the show. Commence comic antics!

Tamra the Island is also up on DramaFever! Though it’s the broadcast version (and therefore the shorter 16-episode one) it’s still good to watch. It’s an amazing drama – and I’m off to watch it! Im Joo Hwan is so cute!!!

source: asiae, allkpop, seoulbeats, dramabeans


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