News Bits: 7/27/10 Edition

A new teaser trailer for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! Whee!

Song Hye Gyo is considering a return to the Korean big screen with the new-as-yet-untitled film by Lee Jung Hyang. The film follows a television producer’s conflicts and emotional growth after her fiance is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Nothing has been finalized yet, especially since no one knows when Song exactly finishes filming Wong Kar Wai‘s movie “The Grand Master.”

Jun Matsumoto and Sho Sakurai of Arashi aren’t as perfect as they seem – because both can’t do somersaults. Now before you say I’m really shallow, there’s a reason! Johnny’s Boys (which is what singers under Johnny’s Entertainment are generally referred to) are known for doing somersaults because it’s the company’s signature move. MatsuJun said the reason he couldn’t do it was because when they were all younger and part of Johnny’s Jr., they were told that if they could do somersaults, they would always be doing somersaults in the background when their seniors were singing; MatsuJun didn’t want to continuously do them, so he said he couldn’t do somersaults and just focused on dancing. As for Sho, his reason was that he used to practice somersaults but landed badly during one try and resembled like a “frog on his back.” After that he never attempted doing it again.

OK – this is becoming a bigger “thing” than I thought it would, because I’ve read this in several websites already. A photo of Rain and Lee Jung Jin revealed that Rain might not be as tall as he says he is. His profile says that he is 185 cm, and Lee is 183 cm, but in the picture Lee looks taller. I don’t know why people are raising the fuss now, because I could have raised this fuss a few weeks back when I first saw the photos of him on the set of Runaway! Whether he’s really 185 cm or shorter, in those set photos he looked shorter than I expected. I wish I could say that when I saw him in person, he was tall, but when I saw him he was sitting down. It’s not a big deal to be short, but it’s super funny to get caught lying about it, especially when it’s on your profile.

On to other things less frivolous – it appears that working abroad as a waitress is a huge privilege for North Koreans. A North Korean waitress working in Cambodia has become a mini celebrity because she looks like Kim Tae Hee. But the fact that she is North Korean has raised up the social issue that only women from a good background can get a chance to work abroad; therefore, waitressing is like a dream job for them. Women are chosen based on four criteria: family background, appearance, ability to play a musical instrument or dance, and university degree. If they pass, then they are granted permission to work abroad and make more money. Now if you think that’s sad, this is sadder: Open Radio North Korea reported that some of those waitresses are actually spies.

WTH North Korea? First you sound slightly pathetic, and now you just revealed your secret that those women are actually spies, thus letting other foreign countries know that the people they hired are actually spying on them. Good job – now people would think twice before hiring a Korean person.

source: youtube, asiae, asianfanatics, hancinema


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