News Bits: 7/26/10 Edition

Men are not the only ones who get in a fight and ruin their public image. Actress Go Eun Ah – who is also the older sister of MBLAQ’s Mirgot into a bar fight over the weekend. She had been drinking with an acquaintance and the two of them started arguing with the people next to them. Though she was initially charged with assault, there was no actual physical fighting, and so all parties were released with a warning. Go apologized to the public for her misbehavior through her cyworld minihompy.

Charice Pempengco never ceases to amaze. She appeared on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate show and performed her hit single “Pyramid.”

NEWS is having another concert! Over a year since their last one called “NEWS Winter Party Diamond,” the group will perform in two locations in September. Click here for more details.

Taiwanese stars are not going to be left behind in the music wave. Koreans are making waves with their Japanese debuts and are participating in festivals like the Summer Sonic Festival already, so Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, and Japan-based A-Lin, Eddie Peng, and Danson Tang are going to hold their own Mando-pop concert at Japan’s Asia Music Summit on October 16.

SETTV released plans to make an animated version of Fated to Love You! It will take about a year and a half to complete it, and Ethan Ruan has already expressed interest in voicing the character he originated. Vice General Manager of SETTV Su Li Mei said that she also hopes to make movie versions of this drama and their other hits, such as Autumn’s Concerto and My Queen. Woo! If this is true then, whoopee! The drawing is what the animated versions of the two main characters would look like.

For anyone who is downloading dramas – a guy in Japan was arrested recently for sharing a few Japanese programs online via BitTorrent. He is suspected of uploading and sharing 165 TV shows, mostly variety shows. He made the following statement:

“I did it for people who missed the programs. Because there is a potential for viruses on Winny [another popular Japanese peer-to-peer file sharing program] and others, I used BitTorrent, which I heard police weren’t investigating…”

I’m not going to condone or condemn this man’s actions, as it is fully understandable. To provide legal access to all these Asian dramas is difficult, and very few sites (like DramaFever or Crunchyroll) provide that sort of service. Nevertheless – scary, isn’t it?

Aaand shout out to my favorite movie of the summer “Inception”! It premiered in Korea on July 21 and topped the box office charts at number 1! Even here in the States it’s still number one, as Angelina Jolie’s “Salt” couldn’t quite beat it. (But “Salt” did very well anyways.)

source: asiae, allkpop, tokyohive, asianfanatics


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