News Bits: 7/15/10 Edition

During the press conference for his new drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal Micky Yoochun made a remark about his (former?) band DBSK. Yoochun is one of the three – along with Jaejoong and Junsu – who raised a lawsuit against SM Entertainment in regards to their contract. Though it led to the group ceasing their activities indefinitely, Yoochun says he still gets along with everyone in the group. They don’t keep in touch as often since they’re all busy with their own solo projects, but it’s not like they all hate each other for what happened. That’s good to hear – since it’s a shame to allow business ruin personal relationships. The rest of the cast was there too – and they were dressed in their traditional school garb for the conference. The drama will air in September.

BoA changes her hairstyle for an upcoming photo pictorial that will be released in August (coinciding with her upcoming comeback into Korea). The black haired wig fits her the most oddly, but I love the blonde wig – it gives off more edginess than the black wig. My that lady has changed…

Kim Nam Gil entered the military today with just one day of rest after he completed shooting Bad Guy. He shaved off his long hair and mustache (and he kinda looks like an awkward little boy in my opinion) and waved goodbye to fans. Because of his previous injuries (a hernia and a ruptured ligament from an accident 7 years ago), he will be serving in the public sector, which is less strenuous.

Speaking of which, Hyun Bin is also probably going to the army this year. (Yes – PLENTY of stars are going to the military – and this year, more stars that I care about are going away… I grew up watching these people and now have to go say “bye bye.” Wait ’til Jang Geun Suk leaves – I’ll be bawling.) He might enter the army in November but his agency said that he didn’t get a draft notice just yet. Hyun Bin supposedly wants to do another project before he leaves anyways. I’m surprised he hasn’t gone yet – but he is only turning 28 this September.

For any Boys Over Flowers fans, there will be a reunion held in Japan in late August. Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, and Gu Hye Sun will be in attendance for a reunion event that I’m sure will work out like a fan meeting. Lee Min Ho will not be attending for personal reasons. They will be in Osaka on August 18, and Tokyo on August 21.

Kim Yeo Hee is coming out with her own Apple application (which is fitting since she made her name using those applications). The application allows people to look at her photos, listen to the first half of her songs, watch her videos, and check out her Twitter. It’s also free. She’s probably one of the few solo singers I have playing constantly on my playlist.

Aaaand one more Dr. Champ news – Song Ji Eun has joined the cast as Hee Young, the swimming coach who helps complete the love square in the drama. Song previously appeared in Chuno, Pink Lipstick, and White Lies.

source: seoulbeats, asiae, dramabeans, allkpop


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