News Bits: 7/12/10 Edition

Park Shin Hye will not appear in Playful Kiss opposite Kim Hyun Joong.


She ruled herself out of the running by saying that even though she wanted to participate, she had already promised to work on other activities and it wouldn’t fit in her schedule. Nice way of declining an offer – and I think she’s become a pretty shrewd actress in choosing roles. I’m so glad she’s not offering to appear. Seung Yeon from KARA also had to drop out because of her group’s promotional appearances and so it looks like Kim may be the “experienced” one on set (of course, excluding the older, parental characters that may be made up of solid veteran actors).

Now Lee Hyori can rest easy… sort of. Plagiarism allegations are now hitting comeback singer Son Dambi, where her single “Queen” is being compared to Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok.” Audiences have also been disappointed with her live singing voice – making it seem like her voice was heavily edited for her album. Some people are saying that “Queen” sounds like Kylie Minogue‘s “Love at First Sight,” Hilary Duff‘s “Wake Up,” and Miley Cyrus‘ “Permanent December.” First of all, I think it sounds most like “Tik Tok.” Secondly, once you start comparing one song to a multitude of other songs that all have a sense of electronic beats, then everyone is copying each other. (Miley Cyrus’ song sounds like it has Hilary Duff’s lyrics with the beat of melody of Ke$ha and the addicting beat of Kylie Minogue, so if anything – Miley is the one who ripped off all of them! Oops – is my biased dislike for her showing through?)

Anyways – back to Son Dambi. Compare the two songs for yourself here. Wouldn’t it be funny if it turns out Ke$ha knew about it and had given her rights, sort of like how everyone thought SNSD‘s “Run Devil Run” was a rip-off until it turned out Ke$ha legally gave them the song?

After Lost and her marriage, Kim Yun Jin is returning to Korean screens in the film “The Confrontation.” She will once again play a mother who has to save her daughter. The difference is, as she puts it, “If my character in ‘Seven Days’ was a strong woman who seemed to be able to solve anything, Yeon-hee in ‘Confrontation’ is a helplessly vulnerable and sensitive character.”

Because of Kim Nam Gil’s enlistment at the end of this week, Bad Guy will have to shorten its run to 17 episodes. On top of that, they are trying to shoot all of Kim’s scenes now – with the other actors on call for emergency shoots – and everyone is pulling all-nighters to get the scripts up and the shots done. It must suck for them – physically and emotionally. Not only are they tired, but they’re forced to be under this strain because of something that is not really in their control. Who knows how it will affect the quality of the storyline, but either way, it’s a shame.

The cast of “Ooku” gathered together for a press conference at the end of their filming schedule. The film, which stars Ninomiya Kazunari, Horikita Maki, Shibasaki Kou, and Tamaki Hiroshi, takes place during the Edo period where the shoguns are female, and the “ooku” – or those in the hidden chambers of the shoguns’ castle – are men. Ninomiya and Shibasaki are the leading roles; Horikita’s character has a crush on Ninomiya’s. Ninomiya also had a kissing scene with a younger actor Nakamura Aoi, and had to repeat it several times due to mistakes. (For those who are not too clear on it – yes, it was boy-on-boy kissing.) The cast had nothing but high praises for each other as well.

(Shibasaki Kou is also rumored to be Jun Matsumoto’s secret girlfriend.)

What’s the best part of having the cutest kids on earth? You can take pictures of them in anything and post them for the whole world to see – and everyone will coo “SO CUTE!” Hip-hop singer Sean did just that, posting up pictures of his three kids in costumes on Twitter. (It’s not Halloween though…)

Anyways – here’s Haeum the Ladybug, Harang the Lion, and Hayul the Caterpillar!

I am doing my best to refrain from saying “SO CUTE!”

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