News Bits: 7/5/10

Son Ye Jin was supposed to star in a Hollywood film, but just decided to back out. The film, tentatively titled “My Way” and directed by Kang Je Gyu (“TaeGukGi”) was supposed to be the director’s Hollywood debut, and it centers around a woman finding herself in between a Korean soldier (Jang Dong Gun) and a Japanese soldier (possibly Takuya Kimura) during World War II. She decided to pull out when she saw that her character would have to lose a massive amount of weight.

Park Shin Hye was quoted as saying that she was “shaken and moved” after attending the A.N.Jell fan meeting in Japan with Jang Geun Suk. She had never really understood what the Hallyu wave was until she went to Japan. During the fan meeting she also performed the song “TikTok” by Ke$ha, and she and Jang reenacted the final scene of You’re Beautiful, when he got off the stage and told her he loved her.

On other You’re Beautiful news (sort of) – C.N. Blue revealed their faces without make-up on a radio show. They REALLY shouldn’t perform with makeup anymore.

Wang Lee Hom will appear as a guest performer to Usher’s Asia concert tour during the Beijing stop. Plenty of compliments were paid to each other as each singer recognized the talents and star power of the other. Usher edited his concert performance so that they could collaborate onstage.

A new female lead has been added to the cast of RunawayUehara Takako will star as a Japanese singer who falls in love with Rain’s character. Takenaka Naoto (who’s appeared in First Kiss, “Hana Yori Dango Final” and many many more dramas and movies) will also star as her father Hiroki, who also is a powerful figure behind the scenes. Interesting… I don’t think Uehara Takako’s character will be much of a presence as perhaps Takenaka Naoto, but it’ll be funny seeing her crush on Rain. It would actually just be funny to me to see anyone crush on Rain.

New posters for the musical “Goong” have been released. The three men are RUN, U-know Yun Ho, and Kim Dong Ho – all of whom are playing the lead role Lee Shin. The first poster features Gwak Sun Young, and the second one has Shin Eui Jung; both ladies play Chae Kyung. It’s so interesting how they show on the official posters all the actors playing the leads, even if it’s by rotation (since I doubt all three men will be on one stage in the same night). That doesn’t usually happen on Broadway, except for the child actors (since they’re limited in how many hours a week they can work).

In more casting news, Lee Jun Hyuk (City Hall, Three Brothers) has been added to the cast of I Am Legend. He will play Jang Tae Hyun, a musician who works for hire during other artists’ recording sessions. He is also divorced with a 7-year old son. Of course, he is the leading male opposite Kim Jung Eun. I don’t really like Kim, but you know what – the story is really getting to me. Very rarely do we see characters on screen with a past that includes divorce, or just a past in general. (Kang Ji Hwan’s character in Coffee House does come to mind though). Usually, most characters have a fresh clean slate when we meet them in the first episode. Oh, and did I mention? His character is pretty crabby, and is a songwriter too. Sounds like Hwang Tae Kyung…

Dennis Oh is really busy. I previously wrote that he was going to star in the Chinese remake to Autumn in My Heart, but now he’s also appearing in the dance film “Hype Nation” with Jaebeom. His character basically harasses Jaebeom’s character, because of course, Jaebeom has to have a lot of crap thrown at him so that his success in the b-boy dancing world will be that much greater.

source: asiae, allkpop, asianfanatics, dramabeans


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